Television: Goong 2 & memories of Farscape

  • Jul. 21st, 2007 at 2:37 AM
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Goong 2 is not gelling with me; the lead male makes me want to tear my hair out. He's such an idiot.

Otherwise, I have been watching Farscape interviews/conventions on youtube.

Ben Browder (BB) to Claudia Black(CB): Quit prompting me woman!

CB on Aeryn Sun in the PKW: It was the same old Aeryn. She was grumpy and feisty. And shooting made her feel better.

CB on achieving motivation to work on Farscape: Knowing that shortly after Ben would walk in, in his leathers. I know its shallow, but that was it, really.

Claudia Black has an amazing body, and Ben Browder is as insane as John Crichton.

Gods, I miss Farscape.

updates of a sort

  • Jan. 30th, 2006 at 7:50 AM
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Happy Belated (sort of) Chinese New Year, was meant to update yesterday but got sidetracked by, um, stuff. I spent the eve of the 28th eating lots of food, more food, and then playing Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. I even named my assassin chick MisaMisa (because Misa deserve so much more love and recognition, I bow before her pinky bubblegum-ness). Dear MisaMisa is level 22 at the present time (that's like 22 levels in approximately 24 hours or so. I'm very proud,) she's also decked out in the most expensive armour and weaponry I can find. That's a lot of perfect gems; I discovered the software Atma and have not looked back since then.

Oh, and mum made me wear red; lots of it, about 20 minutes before New Year, she also made me wear a red belt, because you know, it is my Calendar Year (born in the Year of the Dog.)

Have watched a bit of season 9 of SG1; Ben Browder and Claudia Black is still very hot. No matter how the writers tell me otherwise they will forever be John Critchon and Aeryn Sun to me. As a side note, the current arc is actually kind of interesting. I'm always fascinated with the meta of what defines a God, though as this is Stargate, no doubt the writers will write the series out of a moral and a philosophical corner with little consideration for the actual repercussions. *sigh*

Season 2 of SGA makes me laugh and smile; Rodney is just awesome, Sheppard still make my head hurts (I can’t pin down his character, damn you writers, just give the man a history already,) Teyla kicks much arse as usual, Weir have moments of steel (happiness), and I really, really, really like Ronon. He clicks with the team like Ford never did, though Ford ver2.0 makes me happy in all sorts of ways that is really hard to pin down.

two things that doesn't appeal to me

  • Jun. 20th, 2005 at 12:45 PM
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Because maths is not making one damn sense I'm taking a break from studying it.

Just for the record: The thought of Qui Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi together. In a sexual sense creeps me out. Like really, really, really creep me out. I avoid the plethora of SW Q/O slash out there like the plague. On a completely shallow level, Laim Neeson never did, and never will do anything for me. On a pscyhological (deep psychological wank) lev- no, actually no, I don't even want to contemplete it on a deep psychological level. Let's just keep it simple, Q/O creeps me out. notice how I'm purposely avoiding making comments about other slash couples in SW. To be fair 90% of SW fics I do read are het.

Q/O creeps me out about the same level as Snape/Harry. Especially movie Snape/Harry. I'm not going to discuss it, the whole thing just makes my skin crawl. And no, this is not an attack on people who like reading the pairing, it is more of a 'The pairing doesn't appeal to me' thing. But one question (maybe I'm shallow, actually I'm pretty sure I am shallow), what is so hot (ewww) about Snape (or the guy who plays him in the films)? I mean, isn't it like an unwritten rule that yaoi/slash have to be between really hot men. After all, it is fanfiction for women.

I feel as if I keep on putting my foot in it -_-

ETA: Why is BEN BROWDER in Season 9 of STARGATE SG1?!?! JOHN CRITCHON!!!! You are hot as ever but where is your LEATHER?!! My brain CAN'T handle this. Shit, now I have start rewatching SG1 again. Uhh, [ profile] nekomancy, don't suppose you still have all of SG1. I haven't watched the last, oh 4 to 5 seasons of SG1 -_-;;

ETA 2: And CLAUDIA BLACK might be GUEST STARRING!!!! jesusmaryandjoesoph! OMFGBBQ!! OMFGBBQ!!!!! AERYN and JOHN in ANOTHER UNIVERSE!! Alternate DIMENSIONS! Yes, I can see that! YES! What are you talking about?! Of course it is JOHN CRITCHON and AERYN SUN! NOOOO! They are JOHN and AERYN! I don't know what you are talking about!! *dies a happy fangirl death*


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