HnG, and FMA ep 3, 19-22

  • Mar. 20th, 2004 at 5:44 PM
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Finally got to watch the ending to the HnG anime, and SQUEEEEEEE! I was terrified they were gonna screw up Akira and Hikaru's match, but no, they pulled it off, they pulled it off. Instead of spending 20 minutes on the emotions of the two, blah, blah, the animators spent time on the ACTUAL game I squee! Because damn it, HnG when it's all said and done is all about Go. And the way they show, visually, how the players calculate all the different aveneues that the game can go is just AWESOME! I think the only other game I felt so excited about in the anime was the Hikaru vs. Ochi. That was one awesome game.

Random thoughts. I feel sorry for Touya Koyou. The man will never have an eternal rival, or more accurately, the one man who could have been is 1000 years dead. I don't know which is more cruel for the Meijin, to have given the chance to play Sai, and to want it for the rest of his life, or to have never had the chance, thus never experiencing such a game. I get all sad when they show the Meijin sitting in front of a go board by himself as if waiting for Sai to make the first move. *sighs*

SPOILERS AHEAD! for FMA, ep.3, 19-22.

On FMA: ep. 3 (never got the chance to watch the ep before now) ripped my heart out. I admit it, I cried.

When they showed the first time the Elric brothers practiced alchemy, and Windy's reaction to it. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Talk about foreshadowing.

I think I really like Trisha.

I want to know MORE about Ed and Al's teacher. We get to hear about her, but we don't get to see her!

Roy in that French-middle-ages-style raincoat is HOT! I have a thing for the leather and the hat. Shut up.

Episode 19-22; the pain. Scar rocks, and we get to see just how far Ed is willing to go for Al.

Al's reaction to Scar after the whole destruction of the building thing. So cute! Kept on having inappropriate Al/Scar thoughts. Bad naanima, bad.

Scar kicks arse. I just thought I should restate this.

Poor Al, number 48 is amusing but a bastard. Deserve to die a horrible death.

Couldn't stop giggling when Tucker appeared in the new form. Suits him.

Kept on wanting to scream and getting urges to hurt someone when Nina appeared. Mainly wanted to strangle Tucker.

Ed's conclusion that he wasn't just any alchemist was, was.... was truly horrifying, in the way oncoming train-wrecks are.

The stone's reaction to Ed was, WTF?!? But ohhhh, so pretty.

Kimberly (Kimbelee?) makes a return without the geeky hair tie! Be still my heart. I want a face off between Roy and Kimberly. It would be, be explosive *snicker*

HUGHES!!! LOVE! .... unfortunately, I suspect his time is near. He's getting way too involved in everything. I suspect the reason he didn't tell Roy anything is to protect the Colonel, and that my friend, is going to hurt beyond belief. And it is my imagination or does our Hughes suspect Brad of being Teh Evil?

And the really important fact: Brad and his secretary is working with Homunculus. Also the Homunculus KNOWS Ed and Al's father, and really DISLIKE the man. Envy kicking Ed repeatedly and ranting about Ed having his blood. I'm curious.

And that's about it ^__^

HnG 69.... POT 69

  • Apr. 16th, 2003 at 4:29 PM
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Hey, double 69s *giggles madly*

Uh hum, anyways;

SPOILERS for HnG 69 (sort of).

Review notes:

1. Ogata-sensei, picking up pretty young boys in your small, shiny, red sport car is doing horrible things to your reputation. Unless, you're thinking of opening a business ^_^

2. Detective Isumi, GO, GO, GO!

3. Isumi, I love you terribly, you're smart, kind, honest, and really hot (particularly in this ep), but asking a manipulative older man for a ride in his small, shiny, red sport car is not a smart thing to do. Unless you want your first to be someone with experience (and Ogata-sensei seem to have much experiene).

4. Kuwabara-sensei, you're one dangerous old man. Remind me never to play poker with you. And your psychic powers continue to awe me.

5. Akira-dear, you're beautiful, smart, and carry off that hair-do, so, why oh why are you wearing that horribly coloured shirt.

6. Hikaru, my sweet darling boy, I know you miss Sai and he's more important to you than your own parents, but if you sigh his name mournfully one more time I'm going to wrap my hands around your little neck and squeeze. Hard.

And that pretty much conclude HnG 69 review. It's always good to know you can still make fun of something you love, beside, I seriously was thinking teh above at the time ^^;;;

POT 69 Review (watched this a few days ago, so, I might be mistaken on a few things):

1. Where are MY Regulars?!! Two minutes of screen time and semi-shirtless Ryoma does not count!!

2. Semi-shirtless Ryoma... *drool* NOOOO *shakes head* Will not fall for such an underhanded tactic on the parts of the company to draw in the female fans. WILL NOT (but so pretty).

3. WHERE was Tezuka!?! You horrible, mean people leaving it like that *sniffles*.

4. Cheer to the first years. More screen time and character building. And so adorable, like beanie babies (yum, sugar).

And here ends my POT 69 review.


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