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Watched E's Otherwise and Matantei Loki Ragnarok's openings and bits of the first ep (not even the whole ep, just bits). I think the two series op have hit all of my no-no buttons. So, yes, I'm fairly pissed and bitter at the two pieces of crap. This entry will probably offend those who like feathers, wings and overly pink female leads who do shit all. And yes, there will be much swearing.


I HATE man/boy with big fluffy wings. I HATE! The fact that those fluffy things is not even aerodynamic just annoys me (bat wings would be more acceptable). I've had it with fucking wings. The heroes are powerful with psychic powers (telekinetic anyone!?!) they don't need the bloody things to tire them down. They are pretty, they are USELESS! You DON'T NEED them!!!! Characters can look good without molting contraptions that make them look like CLAMP rejects who was just not pretty enough to make it into X. What's worse is the fact that those wings probably won't even bloody appear in the anime series anyway.

And that's another thing, why the fuck do you need a stupid insignificant feather in the opening anyway? It have been so fucking overused that if I see another floating feather in a bloody opening I'm going to hit something, that, or rip the above mentioned twerp's wings off. Beside, is there even any symbolic reasoning or is it just 'Ohhh, girls like angels, let's add feathers and wings'. Well, fuck you people! It doesn't work on people with more than the brain power of one brain cell. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Yes, I'm bitter at anime and the crap that actually gets subbed.

Also, what the hell are anime/manga creators thinking? Female characters look like dorks. Hell, a whale's penis probably looks better. Over using pink and making them look like the are wet dreams for old Lolitacon perverts does not make them appeal to everyone. If you can't make a strong, smartly dressed female who doesn't look like they are 6-yr-old. Don't fucking bother!!! I can even stand the overly endowed female, but I -can't- stand them when they look like they are wearing something a 6-yr-old would wear and have no fucking dress sense whatsoever. Just have men in the series and let the female audience see homoerotic content, it isn't like you're trying to endear the series to the male audience anyway.

If you want to make your openings attract the female audience learn from the Saiyuki openings. The anime series might have been shit, but at least they made one fucking hot opening with -good- music and no geeky looking girls who wears pink and looks like they need to be perpetually saved. If I listen to one more crappy, can't-decide-whether-to-be-fast-or-slow song I'm gonna rip something apart. And they didn't have ANY wings or feathers!!!

End rant. Will -not- watch anymore of the two series. I don't care if it gets better, I DON'T care. They suck and nothing is changing my mind. If you don't like what I'm saying, fine. Swear back at me. Grr.

[Edit: Food have made me a much happier and mellow individual. Well I think I could've done without the swearing I still hold all the sentiments towards wings, feathers and stupid female character designs. Oh, and of course, the two series]


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