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Pretty much what the subject heading says. I can finally relax for a day or two. So need sleep, had appprox two hours this afternoon, but I just feel worse, suspect I might be getting sick. Fuck. But at least I have two weeks to prepare for the next essay. Hope I have passed all my units. Have to graduate this year.

On much happier news, I've a friend's saved FFX games. So I went and finished the game in approx 3 hrs (I orginally got up to the SinJecht fight before I just lost all interest), and ohmygoodness, Rikku killed the SinJecht in two shots and it took her one shot to take down Yu Yevon. Damn, he powered them up. But yeah, random comments on the end of the game, and I refuse to put it under tag for personal reasons, if people don't want to read it, don't.

1. Before anything else, I've got to admit one thing; the game is REALLY pretty, the fmvs are pretty, the people are pretty, everything is just so pretty...

2. Having raved about the pretty factor, I wish they could've made the game more interesting, and less boring. Hell, feeling slightly excited would have been nice.

3. Yu Yevon is one ugly bastard, what the hell is it? It looks like a cross between a squid and black goo.

4. The dubbing still hurt my ears.

5. Strangely enough, I find myself loving Jecht's voice. Mind you, it might just be the whole Jecht-package.

6. Which brings me to a separate point that is still related to Jecht. The father and son relationship is really interesting. I wish the game spent a bit mroe time on that aspect of it.

7. A more -coherent- explanation of the Fayth, and the people that were 'dreamed' would have been nice. A lots of one line statements, pretty thoughts, but most of it just doesn't make sense to me.

8. Despite being all for the 'Tidus and Yuna' love, and being very touched with their goodbye scene, I was not terribly impressed. The execution was done extremely well, but it seems to be a case of nice ending, sucky execution of everything involved with the plot line. FF8 while slow, and containing much crappy story telling, had, in my opinion, one of the best endings, EVER. Moving on.

9. I like Yuna, I like Tidus, hell, I like the whole cast. I just wish more was done with them. But, yes, the Yuna-love is there, but once again, the emotional attachment I get to characters I love is just not there.

10. Can someone explain to me what the whole Tidus in the ocean thing was about? I've an idea, but I'm surviving on min. sleep and as a result my thoughts are very mushy. Very mushed. So, explain. Anyone?

Overall, I give FFX a 5 out of 10, and most of that score is from the pretty, pretty graphics, and the producers trying to make a horribly confusing story (with much plot holes) into something that seem to have a lots of padding. Oh yeah, and the really interesting characters that should have been better explored. And I think that's the crux of my problem with the game. It has interesting characters, an interesting plot idea, pretty graphics, and some pretty darn nice music. It has all the winning factors, yet, despite that the end product is something that's terribly mediocre when it could have been great.

And now, I shall go and sleep. Hopefully *crosses fingers*


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