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  • Sep. 11th, 2009 at 7:54 PM
naanima: ([SPN] Ruthless Sam?)
OK, so, before the first episode of season 5 I was feeling kind of meh over Supernatural. I couldn't help it; it was like all my love for the show had evaporated during the last 7 episodes or so of season 4. It kind of sucked to see Sam and Dean been broken brick by brick. So, not so much squee or love for season 5 until about 2 weeks ago when I accidentally spoiled myself. However, I was still slightly reticent about the new series.

Well, I have seen episode 1 of season 5, and OK, my love for this show is still alive and kicking. Oh, boys. How I have missed you.

OMFG! Sam BREAKS my fucking heart in this episode. Just OMFG! Sam is so PRETTY and heart breaking in this episode, with the guilt and the red eyes, and just OMFG! I LOVES!

"That guy looks like Cate Blanchett." - Dean is so very awesome.


Oh, thank god, the angels are here.

Dean is the Michael sword. AHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, the fics this will spawn. "Life as an angel condom." HAHAHAHAHA!

So, if the angels didn't do it, then god? Enochian Sigil carved into their ribs! HAHAHAHA! Now Castiel have his sign on BOTH of them. If there isn't some form of threesome in the future I'm going to be very disappointed by fandom.

The guy who plays Nick is awesome! That whole conversation between him and Lucifer just brings home the whole point about Lucifer and why he is all sort of awesome.

Also, the last scene in the car park. That was such a break up scene.

I LOVE the fangirl. Yes, it is kind of embarrassing, but dudes, SPN fandom writes RPS and Wincest, we are slightly retarded and screwed in the head. If we make stuff up about the show, I think we deserve more than a bit of mockery. At least it was fun mockery and she was trying to help. Also, from what I have seen and heard of the cons, it isn’t far off.

I’m really curious about who saved the boys and Castiel. The simple answer is God even though I really want it to be Lucifer. What is Castiel’s new mission?

Dean as the Michael-sword; I’m a bit unsure of the exact meaning about this. Is this saying Dean is a weapon that Michael can utilize, or does it mean Dean is the Vessel for Michael? I suspect it is the latter; though the former would have been awesome. This would explain why Dean hasn’t been possessed in the past 4 seasons. You know, he actually needs to say yes and let himself be possessed.

I love the way the boys’ relationship have arrived quite naturally to this point. Dean breaking up walking away has been 4 seasons in the making, Sam owning up to his mistakes, taking responsibility for all his screw ups has finally happened. But you know, their relationship not being the same again is not a bad thing. Hell it is probably a healthier development as the two of them try and rebuild their relationship into something more balanced. A relationship that’s not just steeped in sacrifice and older brother protecting younger brother, hopefully something like equal partners. And you know, yeah, Dean walked away, but Dean also stopped and waited for Sam. That’s pretty hopeful right there.

One thing though; I miss Kim Manners, he brought so much to the show. While I was never the biggest fan of his when it came to plot, Manners did amazing things with the way he blocked scenes, and bringing an emotional depth that made me fall for Supernatural. So, Kim Manners, I miss you.

Looking forward to next week.

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