SPN 504

  • Oct. 2nd, 2009 at 6:34 PM
naanima: ([SPN] Mary smiles)
Pretty cool episode. The first 15 to 20 minutes of it was pure AWESOME!CAKES!

I liked every second of Dean and Castiel this week, every second.

From the second Dean begun his Epic run through the streets I was HOOKED. That was just AWESOME! The first half of the episode was like the best homage to EVERY zombie film, ever. LOVES so hard. Dean and Dean interaction was really well done, unlike the really bad shot of Dean and dead!Dean in Skin. This Dean is cold, ruthless and definitely a dick.

Dean liking to wear female satin underwear is CANON! Kripke and the writers LOVE the fangirls! AHAHAHAHAHA! The look of happiness on the faces of the 2 Dean when thinking about the experience is the BEST thing ever!

I LOVES mortal!Castiel. This is the Castiel I want when I read Castiel-as-Mortal fic because of course Castiel would hate being mortal, hate being so fragile and useless, and of course there would be so much bitterness at having his power being removed and taken away. I just love this Castiel, that yes, he is frustrated, he is bitter and he is damn angry, but if he is going to be human than he is going to do everything, because seriously, what else is there at the end of the world for a formal angel. LOVES!

Chuck! YAY! His comment about toilet paper is awesome and so very true. TOILET PAPER is pretty much one of the BEST inventions of the modern world. HOARD it, Dean, HOARD IT LIKE GOLD!

Sam-as-Lucifer. Um, I don’t particularly like it, not because it was a bad acting, and not because of the white suit of smarmy, or the roses in the garden. The thing that completely dissociated me from the scene was because Lucifer is so unlike Sam. As in, I could not recognize Sam at all, there was no Sam at all, and that, well, that wasn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting Lucifer play acting as Sam to get a rise out of Dean, I was expecting evil!Sam but there was absolutely no Sam, and I just could not enjoy the scene. My emotions just wasn't there. Sam was/is truly gone, and that hurts.

I want future!Dean/present!Dean fics, I was Lucifer!Sam/future!Dean fics, I want future!Dean/future!Castiel fics, I just want FICS in this future verse. It is all sort of awesome. Fandom, PLEASE deliver!

In short, I really enjoyed this episode.

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