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Annoyed. I'm very tired, extremely tired but I can't seem to get back to sleep. ARGH!!

Anyways, a report on stuff. Being watching waaaay too much anime. Waaaay too much. Approx 30 eps of Shaman King. I really, really like the series, unfortunately there are a few crucial changes in the anime from the manga that -really- annoyes me. It feel as if they have changed the foundamental makeup of certain characters, and I'm not endeared to those changes. So no, it'll never be one of my all time favs but it is -good-. The animation quality is very slick and nice, the fight scenes are rather fast and well done (LOVE the last four or so eps, LOVE IT!), and whoever adapted the manga script to anime didn't do a half bad job (my dissatisfaction may be solely due to my personal taste).

Watched about 10 eps of Get Backers (I NEED eps 17 onwards, NOT 23 onwards. NEED the missing eps. NEED!). Fun, fun, fun ^__^ Have decided that the character designs is pretty damn good, and the fight scence are very well done. Dome of those angles is quite imaginative and pretty awesome.

However, I'm still only getting sibling vibes from Ginji and Ban, but as I have been saying; Thunder Emperor and Midou Ban is a completely different story (and yes, this is a non subtle hint to fic authors). I might not get the slash for Ginji and Ban, but ohhhhhh, Kazuki and Juubei are so doing it, I'm refuse to back off on this one. I just refuse. I dare you to look me in the eye and tell me that they're -not- involved in the non-platonic way. I dare you.

Mabubex's story made me sad. And well the concept wasn't new it did surprised me and it actually fit into the overall story. However, now I'm left with a need to find good Mabubex fics exploring the meta and the pain of knowing all about it. You've to feel for the ones who can never leave 'infinite castle'.

Groove Adventure Rave constinue to be a like/hate relationship. It have potential, it sometime fullfill those potential and then, it lose the plot. *sighs* I won't rec the anime with much sincerity, but I would rec certain eps of the anime with much enthusiasim and love, because damn it, the anime series can push those emotional buttons with much skill and accuracy, but why can't they continue with the pressing for more than five eps. Grr. So yeah, I'm not recing the anime becuase it just isn't worth going through the whole thing. But oh, the few eps that made my eyes burn with unshed tears *sniffle*,

And that's that... well,I want to blah about 'ManKin' a bit more but I'll just get rather incoherent and will be jumping back and forth beween loving the series to nit picking it, and beside I -need- sleep. So, night - night all.

New obsessions

  • May. 30th, 2003 at 8:02 AM
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I've fully discovered the joy that is Get Backers and Peace Maker. I can't decide if I'm extremely grateful or extremely worried about the timing. I suspect a bit of both.

Obsessions provide me with tunnel vision and a one track mind that can shut out practically all things, so, it's a good thing. It help me relax and just squeal in the delight of discovering something wonderful. However, having a report and a presentation due in the first half of next week that have a combined score of 80% for the whole unit is doing wonders for my stress and anxiety levels.

But yes, my new obsessions; Peace Maker is a story of a boy wanting to join the Shinsengumi in order to achieve vengeance against his parents' murderer. It might sound over done, but it isn't, it's amazing! The art is gorgeous, the characters are wonderful and the plot is -intense-. It's sooooo good, fight scenes are short, fast and often you see the aftermath rather than the actual fight, which can be fairly brutal. But, ohhhh, the character develeopment, hell the characters themselves, they come across as real and -not- insane, which can't be said for a lots of the characters that kill for a living in anime/manga. I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE. I must get more.

I also *HEARTS* Get Backers, I can see why people would consider it yaoi-potential fodder. But, damn it, I want authors to concentrate on the sibling/family vibes I keep on getting from Ban and Ginji. Ban is curious, his past is just one big mystery and I WANT to know more about the mystery. And Ginji is just, well, cute puppy dog with a big bite ^^;;; but I do wish that he'd have more 'Amano Ginji; Thunder Emperor' moments, the title just sound cool, and you've got to wonder how the hell he beceme who he was, and I'm so want to see the FIGHT between Ban and Ginji the anime teased the audience with. And, and, and, I want to know just why the two are so close? How long have they being together? And much, much more. And the supporting cast doesn't irritate me, hell, I LOVE them too (Jackal, Kadsuki, Himiko, Sid, Heven, LOVE them) and this include the female cast members, although certain features on Heven's body is just a bit too much.

Sixteen episodes in one night, not bad. Must get MORE. MUST.


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