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In between doing maths I've began to read Suik04 walthroughs -_-; So, having finished the game, and taking things into perspective, I have to say I enjoy Suikoden 4 much more than I did Suikoden 3 and Suik02. Not saying Suik04 is the better game because it lacks certain things that the previous Suik0 games had; scale, and overly-political plots. But what Suik04 does have, over the other Suik0 games, is the sheer playability of the game. It is fast and fun! I have to admit both Suikoden 2 & 3 took me much longer to finish because at times, to me, it dragged, and as soon as things begin to drag in a game I tend to lose interest. The only reason it took me less than a month to finish suiko2 was because I wanted McDohl, and it wasn't until at least chapter two (with all three characters) in Suik03 that I really got interested (probably why it took so bloody long to finish the game).

I do adore the plot in the Suik0 games but I had always felt that the game-play aspects of the Suikoden series was lacking. So, Suik04 make a happy, happy, happy gamer. And honestly, I really can't even complain about anything in the game anymore because I enjoy so much of it. I have heard Suik04 being described as one big side-quest, but d00d! This side quest make me damn happy, and the things that gets revealed is damn fascinating.

[ profile] worldserpent, I need you to play this. I need to bounce ideas of you, and since you haven't played it yet I can't get all bubbly and start pelting pet theories at you. In many ways, the actions and the motivations of the characters in Suik04 are much more personal. I don't know what to think of Cray, his character design have the honour of freaking me out on several levels, and his EnglishVA does a wonderful job of mkaing him sound both sophiscated and rough at the same time. It is hard to describe (omfg! I like an English dub!)

In addition, Elenor Silverberg is truly awesome, and the Hero and Lino?! That was so left field I was like o_0
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Suikoden 1 in relation to plot coherency and characters kick Suikoden 2's arse. McDohl Rulez, and while Riou is cute in a squishy toy way he is nonetheless rather boring. Though number two did have MORE Leon, and Shu, and the COOK OFFS! Suikoden 2 is still a good game just not as good as one because the plot still does not make sense to me, and while I like Jowy the way he did things is still incomprehensible to me. Suikoden 3 made me happy 'cos Geddeo is awesome and I want to be Chris, the plot was damn awesome (COHERENCY) and there are MORE Silverbergs. Though Hugo's chapters were a bit boring (LOTS!). So, ranking.

1. Suikoden 1!!! McDohl!!!!
2. Suikoden 3 (to be fair, game play wise Suikoden 3 is superior to One, BUT Suikoden 1 has McDohl! A Flik that was a Punk, a Thief Viktor, Odessa, Mathiu, and Kalekka!)
3. Suikoden 2 (it had a lots of good things going for it BUT the weak motivations or at least the lack of logical planning, and the lack of a strong lead made this game playable but NOT great.)

As for Suikoden IV... haven't played it and will NOT let anyone sway my decision until I play it.

More beer then sleep.


  • Nov. 19th, 2003 at 8:08 PM
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Today was a good day. [ profile] londobell, I LOVE you *huggles* he gave my b-day pressies. I now have one of the Chrono Cross character/story guide. The artwork is so GORGEOUS!!!

Luc and [ profile] amei ENVY me!!! I have pretty Chrono Cross book!! And, [ profile] londobell also got me the Suikoden 2 book. Yes, the one that amei has. It's so pretty, so thick, and oh gods, I love the pencil sketches in the first few pages of the book.

[ profile] londobell, I LOVE you!!


Now, I shall go and sleep for the lack of caffine, sleep, semi-head cold and lack of sleep have finally caught up.


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