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If you had asked me a month ago I'd have swore up and down that my relationship with CLAMP was over and done with. Too much feelings of betrayal, anger and a healthy dose of bitterness was between the mangaka circle and I. Beside, producing Tsubasa is an obvious attempt at cashing in on the popularity of their once popular titles. I'd never lower myself to that level, I scoffed.

You think with past experience I'd have known better. Don't say anything.

Since then I've read XXX Holic and Tsubasa (CALMP's new series). Both are a crossover whore's (which I am) wet dream, and both have art-styles that have dramatically changed from X (HAPPINESS!! The lines are cleaner, and the style less, well, flowery). The former series actually endeavours to explain many mysteries of the CLAMP world(s), of which Mokona and the powers of Clow are revealed (well, more than the usual), and CLAMP (I can't believe they've managed) reveal that most (if not all) of their worlds are linked.

As for the latter... I don't know how to quite explain my happiness at reading Tsubasa. It's like seeing all of my dreams coming true. The second chances that were withheld, the lives that never were... the happy endings that should have been. It's ALL in Tsubasa! How can I -not- like the series?!?

I find myself re-reading Tsubasa, and giggling whenever a character from one of CLAMP's series make a cameo appearance. Sorata and Arashi married, living together, ALIVE made me happy, happy, happy. Touya as King, Yuki as -his- Mage (and friend) made me smile, but it was Ashura-Oh that made my heart skip. I love Ashura-Oh, I dare say he's my number one favourite character of CLAMP's work. To see him alive (even though asleep) made me so very happy, I was bouncing with joy. Noe, if only they decide to have Subaru and Seishirou make a cameo as a normal, happy, well adjusted couple. No magic, no missing eye, and no dead sister. The happiness.

I know, I know, it's cliche, it's obviously whoring, I should know better... but no, I have fallen in love with both series, and the little juicy bits they disclose make me a very happy fangirl.

The bitches.


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