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  • Mar. 23rd, 2004 at 1:13 PM
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Taken from [ profile] baka_neko, c'os I don't wanna do work.

Fave sports-shounen: 'Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting'
Fave fighting-shounen: 'Yu Yu Hakusho', 'cos it was my first love, and I still remember Yusuke's time in the cave getting the power up ^^
Fave "monster"-shounen: Monster? Have to go the [ profile] baka_neko way, 'Shaman King'.
Fave romance-shoujo: 'Please Save My Earth'
Fave magical girl-shoujo: 'SailorMoon'
Fave shounen-ai: ...... I don't read much shounen ai, it's either yaoi or just slashy subtext.
Fave yaoi: 'Haru wo Daiteita'
Fave shoujo-ai: Does 'Utena' count?
Fave yuri: None.
Fave hentai: 'Hot Tails'
Fave mecha: 'Char's Counter Attack'
Fave epic: 'Houshin Engi'
Fave magic-fantasy: 'Berserk' (though, magic-fantasy sound so tame).
Fave sci-fi: Haven't read any good sci-fi manga.
Fave comedy: 'Full Metal Panic' second series.
Fave horror: 'MPD Psycho'..... I call it horror, you call it sci-fi, some call it thriller, personal classification system, yeah.
Fave war drama: 'Now and Then Here and There'.
Fave western: 'Priest' I'm not sure if it's Japanese or not, I've this sneaky suspicion that it might be Korean.
Fave sentai: 'SHINESMAN'.
Fave fanservice: Hmm. Meaningful looks, or full blown flirting that get interpreted by fangirls in so many different ways.
Fave "samurai"-esque genre: 'Peacemaker' or 'Kenshin', it's hard to decide.
Fave "historical"-esque genre:.... uhh, would 'PeaceMaker' do? I mean it is based on Japanese history... sorta.
Fave mix-genre hybrid "adventure": Like 'HunterxHunter'? Or am I missing something.
Fave "boy band" group non-genre:... this sort of breaks the mind... though I have always wanted to see the male cast of 'Utena' get involved in a boy band ^^;;
Fave GAINAX:'Blazing Transfer Student'
Fave Miyazaki: 'Whisper of the Heart'... though I'm not sure if it's a strictly Miyazaki film or a 'Studio Ghibili' film.


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