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  • Apr. 9th, 2004 at 11:27 PM
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Can't fall alseep. ARGH!

Want to watch ep 23 onwards of FMA. Want to watch Naruto. Suspect I may need to sell a kidney in order to afford broadband internet so I can d/ld both. Leeching off others has become harder.

Have also realised that Yue/Touya/Yukito make me a very happy, happy little girl. Figures that I can't find good, long, post-series fanfic about the three of them. Very interested in how Touya deals with lack of power.

Also, want to see FMA focus a bit more on Roy and his world domination plan, because I find the politic/military side of FMA very interesting. And maybe, larger and prettier arrays. They make me happy with the shiny.

I am beginning to form many hypothesis on the Homunculi, though I wish I have more canon to back me up. It would be so cool if each and every one of the Sins were a result of an unsuccessful attempt at human transmutaion. It would explain why Lust and Sloth look so similar to the dead people; Lust=Scar's brother's girlfriend, Sloth=Trisha Elric.

Still believe that Scar's brother performed human transmutation in order to bring back dead girlfriend, which really didn't work out, as seen by the whole walking around naked with array all over one's body. Oh, and the whole let's give my little my arm. Literally. And people wonder why Scar is so completely screwed in the head.

Oh yeah, I HATE Envy. The little bastard deserve to be killed in a slow and painful manner. Do not see the appeal. I find the little twerp to be physically revolting, and let's not even comment on his personality. Though, I am fascinated by his ability to take on other people's appearance. That way lies kink, and I'm seriously surprised by the lack of fanfic heading in that direction.

And Mighty Ducks slash fanfiction are bad. Though now I need to rent all three films out to view with a set of perverted eyes.

More FMA

  • Feb. 19th, 2004 at 9:52 PM
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Ok, so in the words of [ profile] worldserpent I have been assimilated into FMA. Raise your hands for all those who didn't see that one coming.


Before I get into the love of this series, a few questions?

Who the hell is the Secretary with the Fuhrer? I mean Ed kept on looking at her when she first appeared, and Al made that wonderful comment about how he heard their mother's voice when the secretary spoke. And don't tell me no one saw the resemblance between her and the boys' mother. So, what the hell is going on there? Am I imagining things, or is there something between the two women?

Second question: Is Hughes gonna die? As soon as I saw him in ep 5 the mind decided to tell me he was gonna die. Think about it, he's a nice guy (despite being damn sneaky), he has a family whom he dearly loves, and you just know he's gonna be the type to step in the way of danger to save the main character... or one of the other main cast memebers (Ed or Roy, hard to decide at the moment). The fact that everyone (including the audience) loves him is just gonna up the angst when he does eventually cack it in a truly horribly, and bloody way.

I don't want this to be true because I love Hughes, he's fucking awesome. His love for his family, his true caring for his friends, his goofiness, there's a whole list of things that I can talk about that make me love the goofball. So, I need you people out there, who have read most of the manga to tell me Hughes is NOT gonna die in a horribly, bloody way. And you're also gonna tell me that he's not gonna die in front of Ed, serving as a plot device to force Edo into murder.

Because surgarbutt, we all know that Ed will have to kill, and not by accident ever. The series is all about the Equivalent Trade, and there's not way the mangaka who had Nina die in such a way is gonna back out from having a 15-yr-old kill.

Gods, I love this series.

Adore Al and Ed's relationship. The siblings' -platonic- (thought I should specify) relationship make me go all mushy and sniffly. Everytime Ed gets knocked down and realises just what they had to sacrifice, and what they will have to sacrifice make my heart break a bit. Everytime Al realises his memory is slowly fading my eyes starts to tear up. I RABU them!

And no post about FMA is complete without mentioning Roy. Mustang is Teh Cool. Ruthless, intelligent, powerful, good looking, and well, stupid. I love the man. But his emotions are gonna bring him nothing but pain and grief.

There's so much more I want to say, but I'm getting tired, and I -need- sleep. Yes, I do.


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