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While going through my games yesterday I realised that I associated seasons with them. Don't ask me why, I just do, perhaps it's the theme, or perhaps it is the feelings, whichever. So, the following is a list of the games and their seasons.

* FFX is a summer game. The colour, the characters, the feelings, everything about the game screams summer to me.

* Whereas FF7 is a autumn game, it's the rain. Although it's also a game that can be played in winter. It's Cloud and waking up in the rain, being alone and the feeling of ice on your skin.

* Suikoden 1&2 is a spring game that can be played into the autumn and maybe even carried into winter. It's an epic, and should be played as one. And the re-play value is awesome.

* FF8 is spring in bloom. Warm nights and warm memories. Remembering the past with fondness.

* FF9 is late autumn, and the beginning of spring. The end to the beginning.

* Chrono Cross is a full year game, not as epic as Suikoden but large and filled characters of all seasons.

* And Vagrant Story is perpetually autumn. Cloudy and raining.

There are more, but I'll need to think more on them.


There is a phenomenon (or was?) in the slash fandom that is, well, really mind boggling. It is called Grey Day, and the point is to shut down your site completely so fans will appreciate your site/work/sheer presence online more *blinks*

There seem to be a lots of debate (down right pissed off bitches) about GD. Some seem to think it a cry for attention, others seem to think it will make fandom a better place. And somehow all of this relate back to plagerism - a subject that I'm not going to touch with a ten-foot pole, unless I'm;

1) drunk,
2) pissed, or
3) suicidal...
4) ... possibly all three.

Anyways, since I don't have enough information on the subject (GD site is down... maybe that's the point) I really can't say anything except maybe ask a few questions;

So, yeah, I'm awed. I mean, doesn't it take hours to re-upload your site again? And how does one appreciate you more if you shut down your site?

From personal experience that just piss me off more, but that just might be my uber-inner-consumer talking. And I think I'll stop there, well, until I get more information on the subject ^___^


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