House, and Gackt.

  • Jul. 23rd, 2009 at 8:04 AM
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The boy and I have a place of our own now. It has 3 bedrooms (well, more like 1 bedroom, a study and storage), living/dining/kitchen area, laundry, 2 bathroom and a toilet. The whole thing is kind of awesome... except we are also in debt for the next 20 to 25 years of our lives. I suppose it could have been worse. This means new postal address and new landline, call/tx/lj me if you require my new address and/or landline.

On fandom news; I have been re-watching Leverage. I’m taking my time because I want to enjoy it to the best of my ability. The show just makes me gleeful; it is fun, it is happy and I love all the characters to bits.

I have also been watching an obscene amount of Gackt related videos. The man is the most entertaining person I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. His sheer presence has the ability to crack me up. I also find him much more attractive when he is being a giant dork as opposed to SUPER COOL GACKTO. His sense of humour is hilarious, and the awesome crack activities he get the TV presenters to do is just fantastic. I love seeing the presenters doing the ab-machine exercise or the crotch-flexibility machine thing. Oh, the LOOK of sheer pain on the male presenters will forever make me smile.

Also, everybody is in awe or stunned-stupidity when they first meet Gackt. Everybody. The way the celebrities react to him is hilarious; from complete fans to slight discomfort, no matter how they react when they first meet him, they are usually laughing and/or in awe of him at the end of the show. Usually a combination of both. The man is awesome... though still not sexually attractive.
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The DBSK members welcome JunSu, who has just arrived in Paris from Brazil. There is hugging, there is face squishing, and there is harmonising of welcome, no I'm serious, they honestly harmonised their welcome. JunSu is completely off his face, and JunSu and Yuuchun sings O Champ Elysees, argues over how to pronounce Bonjour, and yodels. Yes, yodels. I swear the boy is high.

And then I watch clips of this year's MKMF - all 13 of members of Super Junior arrives via 2 vans. All 13 of them, this surprised me, I don't remember the last time when all 13 of them were together.

CSJH The Grace pwns ALL other girl bands. Gods, they are hot. They are the ones in pink and black, not the bubble-gummy group in the middle. If nothing else the clip shows the variety of girl groups in Korea.

Also, just in case you have forgotten - Gackt at the MKMF performs Dispair and Redemption, proves that while on stage, he is still the God of the Aisan music industry. I love the microphone he uses during Redemption. Some of the Korean artists watch on with bemusement and WTF, while the CSJH girls and Heechul obviously love it. Though the former enjoyed the music, while the latter may possibly become the biggest Gackt stalker in history.


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