Atobe's album Ore-sama no Album

  • Sep. 23rd, 2003 at 8:40 AM
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Go, and love Atobe's album Ore-sama no Album.

Yes, as noticed by everyone, that is a leopard print shirt he's wearing. Also noticed by many, that is a very, uhh, interesting pose he's in. As for the second pic.... well, I suppose it's slightly better (but, but, but the shirt, and those pants). I shall not say what my first impression of both pics were. I won't, no matter how tempted I am.

My excuse for his outfits, well, you know Ore-sama can't be outdone by anyone else.

I adore the conceited twat.

But seriously, I wonder what some of the songs sound like. I mean what the hell would KaBaJi be? I'm actually quite scared to find out.

But ohhh, Cross with You - 80's disco mix is gonna make me one happy, happy, happy little girl.


POT crack, oh how it cracks the mind

  • Apr. 4th, 2003 at 12:04 PM
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Something I forgot to mention; I've POT MP3s!!! And OMFG *giggles* Eiji, the hyperactive cheerleader, MWAHAHAHAHAHA, I've mental images of the whole Seigaku team prancing around in cheerleader uniforms *cracks up* Mind you, considering just how much crack the series generate I wouldn't be surprised. I mean a musical, a MUSICAL! Hell, if I was in Japan I would love to watch it *^___^* Just look at the actor photos... *laughs*

Most of the music for POT reminds me of late 80s, early 90s anime music, I LOVE it (except for the first op and end, I just really dislike them)!!! Yuuta's track isn't half bad, but Tachibana's 'Victory Road' owns my soul, there's just something about his really nice -strong- voice and the music that make me all happy and giggly. TO make it a plus, his voice isn't the deep, sleazy (creepy) voice some anime characters (you know whom Ispeak of). Ohhhh, his song just came up *sighs happily* I think I can listen to his voice singing every day.

Anyways, I think what finally tipped me over the edge was seeing Ibu Shinji as the evil stepmother in the Chibi Snow White ep. Shinji in drag... wow.


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