SJM - Super Girl

  • Sep. 14th, 2009 at 8:11 PM
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Super Junior-M's new single Super Girl is out.

Siwon's Mandarin pronunciation makes me wince. Donghae sounds like a native, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun pretty much nails it, and Henry didn't sing enough for me to make a call. There's really no point commenting on Han Geng and Zhou Mi's pronunciation.

Gods, they look good, and the song is catchy enough that it will definitely send them into the top of the charts.

This makes me happy.

  • May. 9th, 2008 at 12:40 PM
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Since I'm probably not going to get around watching today’s episode of SPN till next week (there is a possibility of me mainlining the last 3 episodes in a row), and I have been in a bit of a mood lately – here’s something that makes me smile.

Oh, HanGeng you dork, please never change. Yes, Asian boybands is my current happy place.


Friday, 2nd of March - SJM on 舞动奇迹

  • May. 3rd, 2008 at 1:02 AM
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Cross-posted to [ profile] sjchina, posted for reference purposes, and the SQUEE!

Super Junior M performed U on 舞动奇迹 (Dance Wonder). They FINALLY changed their outfits!

A few highlights and photos.

  • They each did an individual introduction that involved a little dance.

  • HanGeng and DongHae did an awesome dance off, it was hot.

  • Henry did a violin solo that is truly awesome, the boy is talented.

  • Zhou Mi got his FANS! Yes! I was really worried because there were no fan girl screams for him in the beginning, but OMFG! His fans started chanting his name as the show progressed, and while it wasn’t the loudest it was there, and Zhou Mi cracked the most BEAUTIFUL smile when he heard his fans. I really adore the boy.

And because I love Zhou Mi with the passion of a thousand burning suns I'm leaving his photo above the cut tag.

- ZhouMi

The boy has an amazing voice and is a very gifted writer, I really hope the fans give him more of a chance.

more photos of other members )


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Something that makes me happy - Super Junior M’s Chinese album Me. [ profile] perseid, they leave SuJu in the sand when it comes to their vocals. OMFG! They can ALL sing. The only really weak singer out of their group is Hang Geng. I LOVE the boy, and while he is a phenomenon dancer, entertainer, and all-around good guy, he is not a great singer. I would say Siwon is probably the second weakest singer of the group, but his voice is fairly distinctive and some people prefer his type of voice.

Zhou Mi and Ryoweok are amazing. I want to listen to the two of them sing all day and night. Yes, I adore Kyuhan, but OMFG! RYOWEOK and ZHOU MI’s voices just get to me. Also, I LOVE Zhou Mi and would like to HIT all the Only13 fans, like really hard. The boy is PRECIOUS! I WANT TO FEED HIM FOOD AND HUG HIM! Just god damn it, leave him alone and let him sing, his voice is amazing and seriously he doesn’t need the shit from the anti-fans.

[ profile] perseid, I also offer a Super Junior M fic rec! Splinter

Things have been different since they got to China--more strained, and set on edge. Geng is driving himself hard, burning with a fierce unwillingness to believe the fans he loves could possibly turn against his dream (Zhoumi fears what could happen if that fire ever gutters out); Shiwon is ever-present and watchful, shoring Geng up and sharing his joy even as his idealism takes glancing blows.

It is about change and the ways each member deals with it. I LOVE this fic so much I want to metaphorically marry it.

Also, DBSK’s new single Beautiful You/Sennen Koiuta sold over 62K, which make them the second non-Japanese Asian artist to get 2 #1 weeklies in 24 years.

AND! Basing off the rumours and fan reports there is a high possibility of Rain appearing on The Colbert Report. OMFG! HUG!OFF!! EEE!

Super Junior M

  • Apr. 16th, 2008 at 11:43 AM
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I LOVE the Mandarin version of U by Super Junior M (a sub-group of the 13 member idol group Super Junior with an addition of 2 extra members)! I want to PINCH Henry's CHEEKS! HIS CHUBBY, CHUBBY. CHUBBY CHEEKS! [ profile] perseid, I feel CONFLICTED by this! CONFLICTED!



Seriously though, their pronunciation isn't that bad, and having U as their spear head into the Chinese market is a very good strategic move. Also, having 2 members being able to speak Chinese makes life slightly easier for the whole group, and probably helps quite a bit when it comes to learning the language for the rest of the members. What I want to know is if SJM will reach the level of success and sophistication like DBSK and the Japanese market.

My hormones are all over the place.


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