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  • Jun. 15th, 2008 at 1:06 PM
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[ profile] velithya, [ profile] im_newsletter is pretty damn good when it comes to compiling IM fics, hence, I may be repeating myself. But the following are some of my favourite fics.

Everything written by [ profile] hackthis, her lj is wonderfully tagged. Here for her Iron Man fics. Mostly gen.

Gen: Four Times Pepper Potts Saved the World (and One Time She Didn't. Oh gods, I LOVE this to bits. Pepper Potts is awesome, and her relationship with Tony here is one of trust, snark and OMFG! My heart breaks at times.

Slash: Like Poles - Tony & Harry. Marvel creates some really fucked up rich people.

Slash: More Tony and Harry.

Het: Shoeboz Greetings - Pepper have a life of her own. Agent Coulson understand shoes, and it is just awesome.

Slash: "something somewhere has to break," - Tony Stark and Nathan Petrelli.

Slash: The Value of Secrets - Um, Tony and Jarvis gets to know one and another. The bits about the real Jarvis makes the whole thing very surreal at times. And yes, I can see movie!Tony doing this.

Slash: Once More Unto the Beach - Tony and Rhodey, 4th installment. The linked fic have links to the previous fic.

Gen: Extraordinary and Bonding - How Tony and Rhodey became friends.

Slash: Drive You Wild - Um, Sam and Dean meets Tony Stark.

ETA: Another fic rec - Slash: "Paul said to Peter, you got to rock yourself a little harder" - Tony and Rhodey. This fic is awesome.

Gen: To Be Done After That. - Billionaires own million-dollar pieces of real estate.

Gen: 48 hours - Tony Stark doesn't know how he feels. About being tortured, about being a superhero, or about the possible existence of magic and aliens.


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