'Honey and Clover' and FMP and Bleach 195

  • Sep. 20th, 2005 at 10:18 PM
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RL Evil. Death by RL.

On the fandom side of things: HONEY and CLOVER! Where are the FANS for Honey and Clover?! I have so much LOVE for this series. My SHOUJO love has been once again IGNITED!

There NEED to be Shuuji/Harada/Rika THREESOME fics! Except -
incoherent fangirling. Shoujo is my root. )

I just love this series. It is about unrealised love, realised love, broken hearts, second chances, moving on, not moving on; matters of the heart are never easy.

[livejournal.com profile] anarch_kitty, I WILL call on you once my EVIL assessments of DOOM are over and done with. Need more of this series.

Oh, and episode 5 of Full Metal Panic! Second Raid!: Melissa is really hot in that dress. I love Sagara, and I so see the plot device! (But LOVE!)

Despite what this might look like I have been doing work. I’m just not sleeping much.

ETA: Bleach 195; KUBO TITE vs FANS
Fans = (- Infinity) + 1
Kubo Tite = Infinity + 1

KUBTO TITE WINS AT LIFE (and breaks my brain; even the fan artists lose).
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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid! OMFG! Be still my little fangirl heart. SAGARA! GUNS! ACTION! EXPLOSIVES! ♥ this series to pieces. So glad they decided to make a second series, they have definitely went the ways of action and plot. Not that I don't like the whole Chidori!Plot, but I'm really interested in the military side/Tessa's story, etc. In addition, I'm so holding out to see our favourite metal-plated psychopath to show up. As if Ganrou could be killed by a simple explosion (or a bullet or having his AS completed disintegrate... he's special that way.)

I really don't want the series to focus on the 'love' between Chidori and Sagara, PLEASE don't focus on the Chidori and Sagara relationship and exclude all else. I mean I adore the two of them but it is just so much more interesting when the storyline swings into the actual plot, and the action, omfg the action. It is so easy to forget (with the whole 'high-school' student thing) that Sagara lives in a world that is extremely dangerous, and death is a major part of it. Well, there's no way to ignore the death and mayhem by episode 4. OMFG!


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