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  • Jul. 13th, 2003 at 9:33 PM
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Realised I have been meaning to rec a few fics for a very long time now, and I kept on forgetting. Well, I have stopped forgetting, and here they are;

Hikaru no Go

Jigo by Dracostella

Love this fic, this is the epitome of HnG fic for me. Love it, love it, love it. Subtle and intricate. It's all the more wonderful as the author actually knows go. It's about Akira after the death of his father, it's about Hikaru maturing, it's about forcing a draw in life. I have read this fic so many times, and it can still make me think.

Detective Conan

Read ALL the Detective Conan fics done by Ysabet, especially 'Second Wind', and it's sequel 'Windfall'. LOVE it, LOVE it. You might want to read 'The Window' and 'The Longest Hour', which are prequels to the above two fics. It'll give you a back story as to why Ran is the way she is now and just how the situation have gotten so, well, interesting and fun. Her fics are funny and plot driven, and while she concentrates on the characters, solving the cases is still important to her stories, 'cos you know that's why Conan's mind is fun.

Wild Adapter

Stay Here With by Timmonsgray. Awesome fic. Kubota and Tokitoh's first meeting and the changes that happen because of it. She captures the characters perfectly. I NEED more of this. I NEED more. While you're there, you might also like to check out all of her 'Wild Adapter' fics ^__^


Sunfreak's Naruto fics are good. They range from the silly to angst. All of it true to the characters. I especially like 'Thrice', no one is reduntant here, and the three young heroes click.


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