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  • Aug. 24th, 2004 at 7:49 AM
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There are weeks when all the series you follow seem to leave at a cliffhanger or reveal something terribly shocking.

So, Furuba, Akito's revelation. Well, the anime definitely got that one wrong *snickers* I'm not sure if I should be scared by this, or pray that the mangaka can pull off whatever she's trying to pull off.

Naruto: OMFG!! Sasuke! Naruto! The angst! WHY?! I love the both of you so damn MUCH! I mean I understand, but dammit, LOVE and PEACE! Not this anger, this pain, this damn fight. What's really bad is that I don't know how K-sensei is going to end this. Naruto as a shounen series should be about the Hero overcoming odds and winning, thus, at this point Naruto should go all Kyubi and kick Sasuke's arse, BUT it doesn't solve a damn thing. Sasuke need his vengeance, and dragging him back to Leaf is NOT going to solve anything. I want a resolution to this because I'm hurting for Sasuke and I'm hurting for Naruto. My heart wants Naruto to bring Sasuke back, but my head wants Sasuke to win against Naruto and just leave because we all know it is better for the plot. But if K-sensei can make Sasuke see reason again, to realise the 'precious people' in his life, to take a step back and wait to become stronger (kick Itachi's arse!) than I'll forever grovel at his feet.

As for the movie... KAKASHI! SQUEEE! And I'm a confused about the timeline. Naruto is using the rasengan (gods, I can't remember how to spell the damn justsu), and Sasuke is with them. So, does this mean the movie is set sometime after the current arc in the manga, and the anime is taking the AU route?

Death Note: Well... Raito proves once again his mad, mad skillz at screwing people over and thinkig ten steps ahead. So, L, what are you going to do with a person who honestly belief he is innocent? I love this series for the pure amoral aspect of it, and my inner psych student go all SQUEEE when Raito shows us his personality, or when L reveal tid-bits of his personality through his body language. SQUEEE!

FMA: 10 more episodes. It is not going to end happy, especially not with the snippets of the movie we have been getting -_-


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