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10 things that have happened in the past few days (barring academic woe; )

I have been a very busy chipmunk... now, if only I can achieve such success on the academic side of things. As I was typing the list I came to the realisation that the above is a summary of most of my weeks this year, I so need a break, and booze, much booze.

I -am- thinking very carefully about November Rain, the thing is I keep on picturing him looking like Zangetsu ala-Ichigo's anthropomorphic sword. He's cool looking and fits the whole November Rain feel but he's completely wrong in relation to Araki's style. Unless Araki made a major revision of his style (again) between part 4 to part 6. In addition, googling for Guns n' Roses albums, and other bands (METALLICA), obsessively for inspiration. As [ profile] baka_neko suggested, if I was a fictional stand-user I'll NOT have a drop of Italian blood in my veins. Tragedies make me sad.

Stand Names... I blame petronia

  • Jun. 1st, 2006 at 5:05 PM
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[ profile] petronia, someone’s stand have to be named ‘November Rain’! (At one point my brain was like ‘Axl Rose’ = Akio’s Stand… but let’s not go there.) November Rain would have the ability to change the make up of air to moisturiser MOISTURE (blame auto spell check) and then into a large amount of highly dangerous liquid. I say ACID, but anything toxic to the human body would be cool (though melting the flesh off a human to the bone is really awesome and suit Araki’s style quite well.)

Oh, and ‘Enter Sandman’ is like, a totally awesome Stand name (or possibly a really cool attack.)

And 'Minus Human'!

In none stand-related news; the urge to kill friends once you work with them on a daily basis is truly terrifying. I may love the bitch but by the gods I want to throttle her alive.

ETA: I have an urge to make little drawings of 'November Rain'... if I am to procrastinate I may as well procrastinate on something TRULY WORTHY! Though I must decide what shape shall NR take; Gender? Objects? Organs? Hmmm.


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