FF12 game-log, the spoiler-less version

  • Jun. 16th, 2006 at 6:38 PM
naanima: ([FF12] Larsa the Emperor)
26-hours into the game, and I still can’t get over the awesomeness that is the FF12 gaming/platform system. I have so much control over my team members, it is breathless-sigh worthy.

Random note: The Land of the Viera is inhabited by 6ft+ tall dark!Elf- coloration (dark skin, white hair), bikini-clad rabbit-girls. I am in awe by the sheer amount of g-stringed clad butts that keep on wiggling around (the R1 + R2 button are your friends *giggles*). If I was not more heterosexual inclined I’m sure there would have been much salivation, but alas I couldn’t stop giggling because ALL the Viera towered over Vann and Baltheir. The fact that I’m a Fran/Baltheir fangirl only make this fact that much more entertaining because dude, the interesting sex life the two of them would have! (Their BABIES! If they, you know, ever breed. The problem is while I’m all for Fran and Balthier doing the deed I’m also getting Mal-Zoe vibes from them, this is sad because I CANNOT picture Mal and Zoe getting it on *pouts*).

Beyond the insane het-shipping I am also in love with the R1+R2 buttons!

ETA: I need ff12 user icons.

ETA 2: Despite what my icon states, I am, in the process, of cutting coffee out of my diet. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

ETA 3: LARSA is LIEK REALLY, REALLY, REALLY AWESOME! Yes, I know he's like 12, but he's fucking awesome! And well Vann is OK as the hero I REALLY wish that LARSA would have TAKEN over the GAME (and the WORLD! Because dude! He's like 12 and he already OWNZ!) If they ever make sequel there NEED to be an ADULT LARSA!


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