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Reccing specific fics... or authors, depending whether I can find the links anymore. I'll be reccing their ljs, so it shouldn't be hard to scroll through their entries to find fics. If that's too hard, go through their memories on lj.

Blade of The Immortal
[ profile] emungere's BoTI yaoi fics make me so happy. Her characterisations are wonderful, her writing style is perfect, and she make me turn green with envy. READ. Her website. (MUST read her manji/magatsu/anotsu threesome fic. MUST!).

Naruto. Not many, because to tell the truth, I haven't been terribly impressed with a lots of new fics.
[ profile] sadeiko. I LOVE her fics. LOVE! LOVE!
Read Shatterbone. It's a 10-yr-old Kakashi killing, and so much more. It's hard to be coherent about this fic when all I want is to do is squeal about this wonderful piece of fanfiction. This fic can BE canon. And that is impressive. READ!
Also, read The Future Place, and its sequel Curiousity. It's set in the future, and it's Neji/Shikamaru, and OMFG! the details that she put in make want to cry in happiness (Neji will forever suffer fromshoulder pains, 'cos you know that hole in his shoulder is a bit of a downer). The sequel is just hilarious, let's just say Neji's genin team are *cough*voyeurs*cough*.

Card Captor Sakura
[ profile] tamchronin. Read EVERYTHING! Every piece of CCS fic she has written. Read. Especially Take Me. It is Clow/Touya/Yue. HAH. Wrap your head around that one. The link I provided is a direct link to chapter 8, the reason I'm doing this is because this chap have all the previous linked chapters.
[ profile] baka_deshi. She's good. Touya, Yue, and Yuki. I like. I really like.
[ profile] peacewish. OMG! The woman pretty much began the whole Yue/Touya thing. I'm soooo happy *cries* Read The Labrynth. Yes, it is a CCS/Labrynth x-over. Yes, I am usually against fusion fics, but it suckered me in with good writing and the promise of uke Touya. I'm so fucking weak. And after you've finished reading this, go and check out her other CCS fics, they are good. Her Syaoran/Sakura fics make me soooo happy.

[ profile] chaosraven. Read Carnival. An Al/Scar fic. OMFG! It's soooo CUTE! (yes, I know how cracked this is, but OMG! I laugh and giggle, and float on the cute!).
[ profile] harukami. Too hard to pick. Read everything she writes.
[ profile] baka_neko. Read all her fics. Her Dark Glass Arc is heartbreaking. But her humour fics are hilarious.
[ profile] ravenwoodiii. Read ALL of her FMA fics. READ!
[ profile] ciceqi. Nice and long fics that make all warm and toasty.

Prince of Tennis
[ profile] tiamatv's Hyoutei fics (specifically ShishiTori) are hilarious, and so wonderful. And Shishido sound perfect. Gruff, strong, yet so caring in his own way. She also has a ficlj at [ profile] sinsofwill.
[ profile] sesame_seed. Indivi/Duality. Niou/Yagyuu. I have no words to describe the awe I have for this piece. None. Speechless. Don't forget to read her other PoT fics.
[ profile] midorinomizu. Ohhh, her Rikkai fics make me giggle madly in glee. And she made me like Sanada/Atobe, which is a feat by itself. Read.
[ profile] tormalyne. More Rikkai fics! Yeah! Good Rikkai fics! contra part 1 [rikkai d1 backstory] is good, and interesting, and I want MORE. Good Yagyuu Hiroshi and Niou Masaharu fics make me so damn impressed.

I have probably left out a lots of authors, but I'm suddenly rather sleepy. So, off I go to bed (that or more IS assignment).


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