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So, on re-reading the past few issues of Prince of Tennis I have decided to make a Top 10 fav PoT character list 'cos I'm an idiot who should be doing work -_-;

so long that it need to be cut. Me dork )
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[ profile] ravenwoodiii, I madly RABU you. Not only do you write me smut, you also spread the disease joy that is PoT. Being able to understand what everyone is saying clarify so many things.

Something of a realisation. I'm not sure if Konomi-sensei is doing this on purpose, or if fanon have eaten so much of my brain that it is harder to differ the two, but there's much perpetuation of specific OT3s in Tenipuri, except in cases of undeniable OTPs. Power3 of Rikkai is a given for me, and I have realised that I can only stomach Fuji and Tezuka (none platonic sense) if you throw in Ryouma (there's chemistry). Though Fuji/Ryouma, or Tezuka/Ryouma is acceptable.

Tenipuri also happens to be one of the few fandoms where practically all pairing can work (if you do it right) for me. Though I do confess to liking Sanada/Atobe a bit too much, and Niou with Yagyuu (even in the platonic sense) is damn fascinating (they also happen to be the one couple with the best quality of fics). However, there need to be more Inui fic, in general. Not with Kaidoh.

And just in case I get flamed. The fanfiction I read for PoT are completely different to the reasons as to why I watch the series. In fanfiction, I want to read yaoi, because yaoi is my thing. However, in fanfiction I want to see Seigaku make it into the Nationals (they don't have to win), I want to see Tezuka returning, and I want to see Ryouma kicking Nanjiroh's arse (even though I suspect it will be years before the Ochibi can truly win against the latter).


Accounting is either gonna kill me or make me very happy. Could go either way. Management is just a matter of memorising, for that matter so is LF and IS. The stress has kicked in. In other words, back to study.
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So, I started re-watching PoT from ep. 40 or so (after the Yamabuki matches) and I COULDN'T stop! I had forgotten how damn addictive the anime can be (even if I've lost practically all interest in the anime after the Hyotei matches, the manga is another story). So, after watching all the way up to and including the Hyotei matches I ended up bouncing in my seat, proclaiming my love for almost every member of Seigaku of the cast, and making fangirl noises.

Seigaku, in a general sort of way: Foxes and Racoons )

I don't see Fuji and Tezuka as a couple )

Shishido, Atobe. Not in that way! )

SPOILERS for Genius 218!... or was it 219. Anyways, Teh Fuji is AWESOME! )

I realise this entry is really choppy, and badly written, but if I don't write it down now I'm never going to get it down. So, last words, Teh Fuji is AWESOME. [ profile] perseid, you must see this issue. You must! If anyone actually sat through all of that, you deserve a cookie. A big cookie.

[EDIT: Is it my imagination or has my flist gone crazy? Not meant to be rude, it's just that well, everyone seem to be going over the bend (self included). For whatever reasons people are going manic over, good luck on conquering them. And try to eat a good meal!]

Seigaku Character Profiles

  • Dec. 18th, 2003 at 10:13 AM
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OMFG!! *laughs*
THIS is priceless. The Seigaku profiles done the way it should. *laughs* gacked off [ profile] mithas.

[ profile] perseid, READ!

just short, random bit on Inui

  • Dec. 10th, 2003 at 1:28 PM
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Re-watching PoT: I love Inui.

I adored the boy before any of the other Seigaku characters become real for me. Inui works at becoming better, he trains, and trains, and trains because nothing (in the physical sense) comes easy for Inui. So, he takes his strength, his ability with numbers and his determination, and he works his arse off to get closer to being just that much better. I admire that. I love the fact that he's stubborn and fair, and I love the fact that he's sadistic because seriously, would anyone give people Penal Tea if they weren't at least slightly sadistic.

POT, POT, POT, how I need more of you.

  • Aug. 16th, 2003 at 8:21 PM
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Before anything else, this entry is ALL about POT, there will be nothing else. Nothing at all except my ranting and raving about POT. So shoo people shoo. Spoilers ahead for people who haven't seen up to ep 79 of the series yet. Shooo.

Watched POT 76-79 and the Mountain Survival episode.... I HAVEN'T watched episode 75!!!!! The IMPORTANT one. All you Tezuka fans know what I'm raving about. I NEED to see the episode. I -need- to see it! Where is it?!!! I -love- this series, I really do. It's just so funny, so funny, so funny ^^

And my reaction to this four episodes;

1. Inui juice is dangerous. Very dangerous.

2. READ the piece of paper stuck on water bottles or any other form of taps etc. before drinking. People, there's reason as to why Inui juice are dangerous.

3. In direct reply to the above two points, poor Momo-chan.

4. Ah, Ryoma, I've forgotten what a conniving/smug/sly/arrogant little bastard you are. I can't belief that I disliked you at one point. Shame on me.

5. Osihi, Oishi, Oishi, if you were 3d, and so not obviously married to Kikumaru I would marry you in a second... even with the hair.

6. Tezuka, despite the fact you're not even in the country anymore you still made it into the episodes ^^ That's something. And I've gotta bow before your greatness even though I probably still like you the least of all out of the Seigaku team ^^

7. I'm so glad even other schools think that the Seigaku team are full of weirdos. They might be cute and adorable, but they're still weirdos.

8. The whatever Shounan school.... there's 'gay' and there's 'ghei'. I'll let you figure out the rest.

9. Tezuka is a freak, hell the whole Seigaku team are freaks, if the Survival episode doesn't prove anthing it proves the fact that they're all MUTANTS or genetic altered humans sent out to take over the world of Tennis. Oh shut up, I have my dreams, you've yours.

10. LOVE the new op. ALL the Seigaku team members gets to make an appearance ^__^ *happiness*

So instead of doing my assignment like a good little girl I ended up re-watching the Seigaku-Hyotei episodes -again-.

Oh, my playlist have changed to 'Ometto Samba' yes, it's an ALL POT playlist.

Anyways, back to my Hyotei-Seigaku episodes rant.

1. Fuji Syuusuke is cool. I just thought I should get this out of my system first.

2. Inui and Kaidoh are just too much. I can't help it. They are sooo cute.

3. Atobe is an arrogant/egotistical/attention grabbing arse... who still manages to worm himself into your fav characters list and -stays- there. Bastard. The only reason he's not a drama queen in my books is b'cos Mizuki have forever reserved that spot in my heart ^^;;;

4. Yuuta, you're cute and so obsessed. You love your brother, we all know that. No, I'm not talking about the sort, oh you people get your head out of the gutter.

5. And finally Tezuka. You rock, you so own, and damn you're just like the most awesomest person to have ever walked on this earth. But you're still not my favourite :p

Ohhhhhh, my FAVOURITE POT song is up; 'Victory Road' - Tachibana's song. I LOVE this song.

*runs off to her POT corner*

POT ep 70

  • Apr. 19th, 2003 at 8:56 PM
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Work? What work? Spent the day sleeping away headaches and such, only to wake up with symptoms of a cold. Tired, groggy, not thinking probably. Decided to go and rent out some DVDs. Red Dragon entertained me greatly, Edward Norton as per usual was excellent and OMG the slashy undertone kept on hitting me over the head. Will think in much more depth of RD slash when brain isn't a horrible congealed mess.

Ep 70 of Prince of Tennis mini-review, spoilers, yada, yada. Did this sometime on Friday.

I know I've asked this before, but damn, just what are the creators/producers of POT on? Sure this episode is no where near as weird as the chibi episode, but data baseball? Tennis style ping pong? Snake badminton? And of course the now (in)famous curling? The only games that were played 'right' were Momo in basketball, and Oishi and Eiji in volleyball, and how cute they were. I LOVE Eiji and Oishi. I LOVE. Even the baseball match was sort of normal until Inui dtarted on the data baseball, much adoration to Inui and Taka. Much.

Favourite quote of the whole episode:

"Participants... zero. Champoinship is mine." - Fuuji Syusuke.

Fuji is very lazy and oh so devious. I mean curling? So he can win the championship without any competition *laughs* Curling *shakes head* That boy, so many ulterior motives.

Everyone is so adorable in this ep, *huggles all the regulars* Hell, I love every memeber of the Regulars. It's so hard to dislike any of them when they are so cute and have so many unique quirks and flaws ^__^ But if I've to choose my fav character... hmm, I CAN'T choose one, although I can narrow it down to TWO ^__^

1. Inui; because of his data - sports, his sheer determination, his sense of fair play, and his toxic veggie-juice that (eventually) even takes down the genius Fuuji ^__^

2. Oishi; because he's nice, responsible (mother-hen), caring, and despite his overall nice-ness is an extremely devious individual. He can also bowl really well ^___^

I'm so looking forward to ep 71 of POT. Fudomine re-enters the show, Momo goes on a date, tennis is played, and it seems everyone in the show makes an appearance. And there's SHINJI ^____^ (adore the boy, he mumbles!).

.................. Going back to sleep..... or maybe I'll go and re-watch Red Dragon again......................

mutants tra la la

  • Apr. 8th, 2003 at 12:51 AM
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I've a theory about the POT verse; ALL tennis players in POT are highly evolved mutants, that, or they are genetically enhanced humans with superior strength, stamina, speed, and because of those blessed genes, mostly gorgeous. Think about it, if Junior High students can hit a ball at 200km/hr and jump approx two metres off the ground, and is still -NOT- playing at professional level than the pros must be really scary. Although, that does raise the question of just why ALL most of the mutants decide to play tennis rather than say, basketball?

Of couse, this can all be chalked up to animanga logic, but this is much more fun ^___^

As for RL.... I wish I was a mutant, then I can put all that extra energy into staying awake and doing my essay -_-;;; So tired, so sleepy.


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