• Dec. 16th, 2007 at 8:48 PM
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Life has been fairly good.

Watched Supernatural 308, there will be comments at some point in the near future. I'm still processing everything that happened during the episode. However, one of my reoccurring thought throughout was that Kripke is a major fanboy of Neil Gaiman. Bless the man's heart.

[ profile] perseid and I fangirled muchly over Korean pop-artists; we have come to the conclusion that we are suffering from puberty in reverse as we are insanely obsessed over Korean boy bands. Though I confess I'm just obsessed with the Korean music industry in general.

BTW: Xiah Junsu has officially become sex!ass.

Have watched the Anyband concert; Tablo, BoA and JunSu is AWESOME! I'm still a bit confused at the pianist; she's cute, but her presence at a pop concert throws me a bit. BoA is so much more edgy (HOT) when performing in Korea; she's just awesome. Tablo and Epik High are such dorks; LOVES, and DBSK as usual made me squee with glee, though YunHo's absence hurts.

Also watched most of DBSK's Bonjour Paris DVD; YunHo and Jaejoong are so married, and everyone is just so damn cute.

As the World Turns is bringing back the ghei; Luke and Noah makes an appearance, finally, and I saw one of the best fictional depiction of how a grandparent would deal with a gay grandchild. I can't believe soap operas are bringing me semi-realistic depictions of relationships.

Also, I’m of two mind when it comes to LJ’s new customise layout page – it is rather counter intuitive.

Waiting for DVDs, books and more DBSK merchandise.

More Korean music, and AnyBand

  • Nov. 15th, 2007 at 10:40 AM
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I have had Last Angel by Koda Kumi featuring Tohoshinki and the two singles by AnyBand on repeat for the past 5 hours. It is kind of amazing how the members of DBSK sounds so much more awesome with a female singer that knows how to sing. Junsu and BoA together does this amazing thing where their two voices seem to melt into each other. And Last Angel is just so damn catchy, it is the perfect song to go jogging with.

[ profile] perseid, I see what you mean by Forever Love, it is um, it is a good song, it shows off all their singing abilities (they have improved so very much) very well. However, there is just something about the tune of this song that makes it very generic and easily forgettable. I actually prefer Day Moon over it. All I know is that compared to Lovin' You and Proud the two singles seem a bit lacklustre.

Also, I present you AnyBand - the band that was specifically created for the sake of making the Samsung Anycall commercial. It features Junsu of DBSK, Bora (I don’t know much about her), BoA and Tablo of Epik High. It is over 9 minutes long, and if it was a movie I’d buying tickets for it right about now.

And this is why the Asian media (especially Korea and Japan) has marketing to perfection.


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