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I WANT to SEE THIS!!! Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?! BakuRyuu Sentai Abarenjaa just sound (and looks) too cool. I -really- want to see this. The costumes!! There are colour coded uniforms, imperial/kimono style robes, stupid rubber monsters, overdone melodrama, the semi-attractive actors (attractive in the 'kicked puppy' sense), and the STORYLINE!! OMG, the stroyline. It has DINOSAURS!!!

*jumps up and down*

Okay, I admit, it's so cheesy that I can survive on it for several months, but I DON'T care!! Teh Cheese makes it good. Yes, it does. Worship Teh Cheese!

Yes, I'm a geek.


Saw several movies in the past few days, here are my mini-reviews.

Charlies' Angels: What I expected. Eye candy abound. Found the Dylan/ThinMan terribly amusing.

The Ring: Suitably creepy, and quite disturbing with a few of the themes. Can see why it was so popular.

EQUILIBRIUM: Love the concept. There aren't many movies were people goes around calling each other 'Cleric' where the captial 'C' can be heard. GunKata is just too cool of an idea. The fact that they attempted to give it wacked scientific backing is great.

What surprised me was that the film was actually quite intelligent. I mean it. I think I can write several essays on this film that includes; the impact of post-modernism on society, the improvement of science, the way of Zen, war, and the human identity. Although I wish they had a better budget, and a better choreographer when it came to a few of the fight scenes.

Christian Bale, as always, is terrific, and having Sean Bean in the film was a wonderful bonus.

Eight Legged Freaks: It is a hoot. Laughed all the way through. Although I can safely say that spiders creep me out.


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