• Dec. 2nd, 2006 at 11:40 AM
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I love my parents and I’d do anything for them but…..

You see, I’m completely useless in the mornings nowadays without the aid of at least one coffee. Today (Saturday) I had to wake up at 6:30AM to get to work (bitchbitchbitch). Anyways I stumbled my way to the kitchen and attempted to make coffee. I say attempted because there was a minor incident with the power plug, water and the fucking sugar jar. Let’s just say there was much whispered swearing and frustrated tears. So, after a Herculean effort I managed to make my coffee, and as I’m about to take my first sip of all that is WONDERFUL and GOOD with this world, dad stumbles into the kitchen. There is a minor stall as the two of us stare at each other like two brain dead zombies contemplating whether the other had enough brain left to cannibalise on, and then….

Dad: Let me have your coffee of all that is WONDERFUL and GOOD. (well, ok there are some embellishment of my own, but it is damn close enough).
naanima: *SNARLS* (I kid you not, it was my first reaction).
Dad: *Blinks* What a horrible daughter you are, after all my years of hard work, all my gray hair, just to make a good living for you. How can you not even let your poor father even have a cup of your coffee? *Expression of woe.*
naanima: NO! GET YOUR OWN!
Dad: *Looks upset* I’m going to complain to your mother about your lack of love and gratitude for your father.
naanima: *Drinks ALL the coffee in one gulp*

Mum: I heard about the coffee-thing from your dad.
naanima: *shifty eyed*.
Mum: *smiles* Good work. Don’t ever be a man’s slave, they can get their own damn coffee.
naanima: *In AWE of mother*.

The moral of the story is that coffee is before family, and that my mum is the coolest ever.


  • May. 3rd, 2006 at 9:00 PM
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Things that need to be invented ASAP.

  • Direct IV-drip of stimulant that allows the human brain to concentrate for more than 45 mins stretch.

  • A dimension of nothingness except for TEXT BOOKS and PENS. Distractions are bad!

  • A World Government System that PROVIDE FREE education where your life is not dictated by money. Failing that, the first Matrix, where it was the UTOPIAN dream will do.

  • Little head phones that send electric shocks to one's brain everytime one needs to rest or loses focus.

  • Oh gods, I need to focus.

    In the mean time; I made new layout for my journal, and have painstaking coloured one picture of Joseph and Caesar and is in the process of making it into a nice wallpaper. Oh dear lords I need those inventions ASAP.

    first day of school

    • Feb. 23rd, 2004 at 9:46 PM
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    i crave coffee.

    had forgotten how 12-hour days take it out of me.

    i like curtin. i really like curtin.

    rec me FMA fics. pretty please.

    ..... going now to either sleep or hunt down coffee.

    Jan. 25th, 2004

    • 10:54 PM
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    Coffee and beer, coffee and beer, coffee and beer. Killer combination.
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    There are days when the world seem like a wonderful place, full of joy and hope. You love who you are, your job (if you have one) is wonderful, and your whole body tingles in anticipation to the new day.

    Then, you realise the prozac had kicked in, and you think;

    "Thank god for the modern advancement of happy drugs."

    The point is, mornings are shitty times. Think; when you wake up in the mornings the sleep dust are still in the corner of your eyes sealing your eye lids together, the list of things you should've done yesterday but didn't, start to pile up mocking your existence, and the worst, you look like a hairball the cat coughed up. See, mornings are bad... unless you've in your possession the above mentioned drug, is 5-yr-old and the world is all new to you, or you are one of those people, you are a morning person *shudders*.

    Since I'm considered normal and well adjusted by my doctor, no happy drugs for me. So, I turned to the only legal avenue with all the benefits and few of the flaws. Yes, I found coffee.

    So, coffee; two mugs of strong black coffee. No milk. Every morning. That was how I used to survive the day. Coffee was the friend that saw me through the hard times, it turned me from the living zombie to a fully functional human being. I LOVE coffee.

    Like all good things, it had to come to an end. I had to give up coffee *cries* you see it dehydrate me too fast and I'd end up with a worse headache than I already did (the nose bleeds probably was a sign too). In tears I had to give up coffee.

    Now, I go through the days in a half-brain-dead daze wishing to be alseep in my comfortable bed and hating the mornings like the way I hate double episodes of Passions.


    Brought to you by a very out of it [ profile] naanima. Need sleep.


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