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Task List: 1-Dec-2005
1. Compile power point presentation
2. Write 20 minutes speech (5 minutes done) - there come a point when one need to reconsider. Screw it, I'm gonna wing it.
3. Calculate expenditure of Marathon (3 more major cost out-put)
4. Write cheques (4 more to go - need to double check amount)

Initial D: Fourth Stage, episode 9 to um, episode 18. I love Initial D to little bits. )

Need more.

ETA: I need a Geddoe icon, and the Suiko3 artbook have this BEAUTIFUL pencil sketch of Geddoe but I CAN'T scan it I MIGHT DAMAGE the ARTBOOK! WOE! Can someone point me towards pretty Suikoden icons? My preference are Geddoe, McDohl, Mathiu, Odessa and Albert.

ETA2: And KIKA! and LUC! And Viktor! And Flik!
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Death Note random comment. Issue 20, see Raito and L do Prince of Tennis.

Issue 21; see Raito and L on their first date. Puzzle and sleuth is the way.

I'm sure I had more intelligent things to say about the manga, however, the two points I just raised seem to sum up everything about Raito and L. I want Raito/L fics!

InitialD Fourth Stage. I LOVE! I LOVE! I LOVE! The adventures of a boy and his car continue. However, the cars are much shinier, the races that much more amazing, and everyone have gotten much prettier. Except for Keisuke, 'cos his hair is a crime against humanity.

Seriously, it's nice to see Takumi maturing so much in his understanding of cars, though I laughed myself sick when Ryousuke made the comment that Takumi hasn't learned to play mind games yet. Love Takumi. I want IniD fics!

Saw King Arthur today. Not bad. Since the King Arthur of Mallory's never really existed, and there are hundreds of interpretations and re-writes of the Arthurian legends this Roman/Briton Arthur is fine.

Beside, the battle scenes more than makes up for the deviation from the Romantic tradition of Arthur. In addition, Arthur is somewhat hot, Lancelot is pretty hot, Tristan is hot, and Guinevere is really hot in that fur/leather get-up thing. I want Arthur/Lancelot/Guinevere threesome fics!

*goes to sleep*


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