.....DAMN you CLAMP

  • Apr. 27th, 2004 at 9:28 AM
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I thought I was over it, shows you how much I know. Seishirou and Subaru will never be over for me.

So, with the newest issue of Tsubasa and the re-appearance of AUSeishirou I have been slowly... oh who the hell am I kidding, I went SQUEEEEE, and then went completely over the bend in my Seishirou and Subaru love. Yes, I know Subaru hasn't appeared yet, but this is CLAMP, and Sei-chan is missing an eye, and since this is CLAMP who is drawing and writing Sei-chan without the eye, then it must mean that Sei-chan is engaged, and since this is Seishirou I refuse to see him engaged to anyone except for Subaru. So there.

The problem is I trust CLAMP about as far as I can throw, which isn't far. This is way too good a chance for them to drag in the angst, and I just don't see them not dragging in the sakura blossoms, the dead twin, the family names, and well, the really fucked-up, confused love between Seishirou and Subaru. I -want- them to be happy, I just don't trust CLAMP to give the chance they deserve, no matter what universe. So now I'm getting twitchy and nervous, and I almost, almost wish that Seishirou never appeared in Tsubasa, except that would be a lie because the day I found out about Tsubasa was the day I wished, beside happiness for Ashura-oh, for the re-appearance of Seishirou and Subrau. For them to appear, and just be normal people with no powers or stupd family obligations, and of course, no appearance by the damn sakura tree.

Except now Seishirou has appeared, and while he look young he does not look normal. And with an eye missing I feel slightly sick. So yeah. Going to class now.


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