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  • Jul. 14th, 2008 at 10:58 AM
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[ profile] perseid, I have LOST about 95% of all my DBSK music. Please tell me that you still have most of their albums somewhere? All the versions of Proud, Lovin' You and every other song barring their latest singles are all gone. There may have been some rage and swearing on my part. Please let me know as soon as possible.

On the fandom front; have watched a few episodes of Battle Star Galactica and Horatio Hornblower. The former is shiny, well executed and very interesting; the latter makes me smile because it has battle ships, men in uniforms and adventure. However, neither has caught my attention, that is, while I can appreciate both I can't gather any fan-ish glee about them.

I'm not sure whether I'm reading too much into it since I'm only half way through season 1 of BSG but I honestly believe it is going to be one of those series that at the end will burn me, and I’ll be horribly bitter every time I hear it being mentioned in my presence. Also, despite the shiny and the involving story I find myself hating most of the cast, and I can’t like a series without liking the characters. I’ll give the series till the end of season 1 to capture my attention, if it still hasn’t done so I think I shall give BSG a pass.

On the neurotic front; I'm in the process of cataloguing my book/manga/magazine collection. I’m putting everything into fiction/non-fiction piles, organising the former by surname and the latter by subject matter. Manga is a bit tricky as providing a defined genre for any of my titles is a bit tricky. I mean what section would you put Hikaru no Go under? One day I’ll have my colour coded book shelf.

Sometime, being a fangirl is awesome.

  • Jun. 9th, 2008 at 4:31 PM
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Sometime, being a fangirl is awesome.

[ profile] velithya, the last chapter of Hostages of Fortune is out.

Also, the first fic of [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang has been released.

I created a notepad of necessary HTML code for the purpose of re-editing the fics in a format of my preference. After which point I shall be printing and categorising the fics I like by category (slash, gen, au, futurefic), I have got these awesome coloured labels that I bought for the sole purpose of bigbang.

This is going to be awesome.
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So, I took yesterday off because I needed a day by myself after the week I just had (it is never just one thing, it always has to be multitudes). I had a WONDERFUL time; slept, ate, watched stuff, went online, and just so that I didn’t feel too bad about wasting the day I also ORGANISED my FANFICTION! It is now classified by mediums (anime, live action, books, etc.) and under each medium is its fandom (HnG, LOTR, etc.), under each fandom I have separate files by authors, under which I have separated files by series and oneshots. In addition to the organisation there was also mass re-HTML of fics (I fecking hate the Pit of Voles formatting, and let’s not even talk about fic authors who insist on using small fonts on DARK background!). Anyways, in short; it is- it is BEAUTIFUL! *_* Though it is slightly disturbing to find out that I have managed to collect over 75MB worth of fanfiction in the time span of 1 (possibly 2) years. This is not even counting the fics that I didn’t bother saving (memory is a wonderful function), nor does it account for fics that I read but didn’t like enough to save or memory it, hell, there’s also the fics that I forgot to save in some way and could never find again (those I mourn for.)

Ah, it is wonderful to see your files organised and formatted in a consistent manner that makes it easy to read and enjoy (font size adjustable, table at 80% of screen, black font on white background; simple but such a pleasure on the eye!) My filing system is making me chortle with glee!

Database & New Year Resolution

  • Jan. 2nd, 2006 at 11:26 AM
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Ok, I suck, I had to give up on the database idea for my yaoi-manga; too much work involved in getting the concept down for the actual DB. So, instead, I now have a 6-column & 212-row of data in an excel spread sheet. All my BL manga are alphabetised by mangaka name (I'm notoriously bad with mangaka names,) what they have written, what the manga is about, is the series complete, and what series I want more of (utilising colour coding.) The whole thing took over 15 hours. Fifteen hours. The price one pays to have everything organised and perfect. There should be a sense of accomplishment except all I am feeling at the moment is the need for shinier yaoi. Need more.

Anyways, moving on, every year I make a huge list of things that I will do for the new year, this year I'm going to be less specific and more generous to myself. This is is done in the hope that I will actually achieve them by the end of 2006.

1. Be happy
2. Try and see friends more often
3. Be productive
4. Drink less alcohol
5. Lose weight
6. Be content in what I do

Happy belated New Year. To be fair, I'll probably make a bigger deal of it when the Chinese New Year rolls around.
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Only the Japanese can somehow manage to equate sex with a man being better than the warmth of a teddy-bear or the warmth of a mother.

I ♥ Nanao Bohra.

Attention to [ profile] anarch_kitty and [ profile] perseid, remember how awhile ago we were despairing at the lack of organisation when it comes to our collection of yaoi manga? Well, fear no more, I have organised the Yaoi folder by Author. There are altogether seventy-one folders (no, you really don't want to know how long it took me, and no I did not do all of it in the past few days) including one miscellaneous folder (containing 6 items), where I can't find the mangaka's name anywhere. So, when you guys do finally manage to get your hands on my Super!Organised files; please help by placing the 'Miscellaneous' items in the right folders (if you recognise them). I'm pretty sure there are mistakes so, um, check and correct. In addition, add MORE files to the folders because I'm MISSING chapters! You know how I lack downloading power *pouts*

Now I go and study for today's exam; wish me luck.


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