Pretty Please? Meteor Garden slash?

  • Nov. 3rd, 2005 at 10:53 PM
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Guess who's downloading HughesxRoy doujinshi. No, you don't actually need to answer that.

And guess who's the idiot that lost her passport. No, you really don't need to answer that.

In addition, is there such a thing as Meteor Garden slash fanfiction in English? I have much craving for F4 slash. Shut up, I can be a fangirl when Hua Ze Lei is that pretty, and after several years of suppressing the urge to slash I have finally caved. So, slash links? Please.

ETA: Ok, if I can't get slash, can I have some ShanChai/HuaZeLei interaction?

Too much Taiwanese soapies and 'DeathNote'

  • Feb. 24th, 2005 at 8:31 PM
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So, my mother and I had our annual re-watching of Meteor Garden today, (ignoring the crap acting and all, it is still addictive and good entertainment,) during a particularly tear-jerking moment I had an epiphany. Vic Chou would make a perfect L from DeathNote. Honest.

CLICK ME! I'm telling you Vic Chou makes a good L )

SEE! I'm telling you he's perfect. His hair can reach the state of L's hair-do. Honest, it has happened, and most of the time he has dark shadows under his eyes, and I'd show you more photographic evidence except I can't seem to find any of his dorky pictures that makes him perfect for the role of L. MWAHAHAHBWAHAHAHA!

(I'm going to burn in hell for this.)
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I spent most of yesterday bawling my eyes out as mother and I watched her newest Asian soapie. It's called Hai Tun Lien Ren (the rough translation is 'Promise/Memory at Dolphin's Bay'), and OMG! The relationships, the angst, the pain! I haven't been this involved in a soapie since Meteor Garden 1 (as for MG 2 ... it was twenty episodes too long). In fact, I'd say HTLR is superior to MG1.

Hai Tun Lien Ren )

It was a wonderful bonding experience between mother and daughter. Except the whole arguing about who the main female lead should've ended up with. As we bickered over KFC on the pros and cons of the two leading men I had an epiphany. I always, and I do mean always, want the other guy to end up with the girl. When I say other, I mean the nice, gorgeous, who'd have done anything for the female lead guy. And she'd have ended up with him; honest to goodness... except for the whole she's obvious in LOVE with her One True Love. Who more often than not isn't as wonderful as the 'other' guy... sorta.

what about the other guy? I like the other guy. DaoMingSi/ShanCia/Lei )

I do realise this entry will not make any sense to people who have never watched a Southeast Asian soapie (Taiwanese/Korean/China). And to tell the truth if I want to make this rant work properly I might need to go on for several pages, and I really can't afford to, not when I have other work to do. So, in conclusion, I CRAVE live action Asian soapies.
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Look ma, I made more icons.

Stayed up with mum till 4am watching a WuDa series. Spent several hours today making said series' icons... plus FMA icons.

My eyes remind me of that of a panda, and I love my father who brew me coffee as I can't seem to pry myself away from the computer monitor.

I think I'm going to love this two week break.

Oh, and I discovered Mighty Ducks slash. I'm still not sure whether I like it or not. Though it seems I still have some form of a 'eww' reaction. Must investigate more.
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My mind is in the gutter today. I'm in neck deep... perhaps deeper. By all right there shouldn't be any possible way one can attach innuendos to Asian soapies. Apparently my mind thinks differently. Everything seem to be leading to smut. Bad brain, bad.

I feel the urge to make webpages. Lots and lots of useless web pages that I'm never going to upload because I'm beyond lazy when it comes to uploading content to said web sites. Also have the urge to re-read Conflict of Interest, thinking of harassing Madamhydra about chapter 8. I have been waiting for over 5 years now for the complete version of chapter 8.

Overall, I feel strange, out of it... hmm, alcohol sound good.

Need to burn cds. Need to burn a lots of cds.
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CLAMP is doing an au of CCSakura. The whoring have to stop. God, please let the whoring stop. And, [ profile] pornkings, you're so right, CLAMP is like Yet, despite the fear, I can feel a sick curiousity to the series, I think it might be the whole Touya falling into Yukito's arms. I never said I wasn't shallow.

On other news, I have seen Matrix Reloaded. It was fun, it was really pretty, and I REALLY liked the Trinity and Neo moments (yes, that definitely included the sex scene ^__^). Much better than X-men 2, but not as good as the first one. I even stayed til the end of the credit to see the preview for Matrix Revolutions, and that's all I'm going to say ^_^

Otherwise, I slept thru most of Friday, and quite a large chunk of today. I spent the rest of my waking hours re-watching Meteor Garden 1, watching Meteor Garden 2 and watching bits and pieces of the live-action Taiwanese soapie, Marmalade Boy. For those who've never heard of the series, it's shoujo comic (written in the early 90's) at it's best/worst, whichever is your taste. It ran approx ~70 eps, and oh boy, did I wish I was dead for some of them. Anyways, I am beyond brain dead, and I've cried rivers. So much bawling, the angst, the drama, the pain, WAHHH. I feel sorry for Lei, so much pain, the poor schnookums.

[ profile] pornkings now you've to WRITE the Lei fic. PLEASE write the LEi fic, tell me you're writing the LEi fic. I need Lei fics, his story need to be better resolved, expanded, more depth, more something. Please write the Lei fic. I'm a firm believer that repetition of the same thing will eventually get me what I want. So, write the Lei fic.

I'm sure I had more intelligent things to say, but all I can think about is Lei and his missed chances *cries*


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