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  • Jul. 12th, 2006 at 8:00 AM
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I am triple-chocolate-cookie and noodle filled! Hooray for me!

Re-read some of my old (really, really, really old) blog entries. [ profile] worldserpent, we have, apparently, being in some form of online communication since October 2001, and I'm pretty sure I read your blog before I ever made any contact with you. It is actually kind of bizarre to remember that one of the reasons communication between the two of us began was not because of an obsession with a shounen series, but rather a single-minded obsession with Yami No Matsuei. Huh.

Looking back, I’m really surprised that I managed to survive for two years without the “comment” function that livejournal provides. I have also come to the realization that if livejournal were to disappear tomorrow that’s a lots of people, fanfiction, reviews, politics, etc., that will disappear with it. So. Presently, in an act of ultra paranoia, I am in the process of saving as much data as I can. This will pass as soon as rational thought reassert itself.

Also watched some Noein: the problem with having read so much sci-fi (more like space-opera) and fantasy, is that about 95% of the time I can see major plot hooks, surprises, and so forth coming from a mile a away. I’d like to state that I called the identity of Noein as soon as he appeared in front of Haruko. It is a fascinating concept, and I love the design but -- he is no Marc Remillard.

Some day I’ll lj about how I perceive, time traveling, dimension hopping, and a combination of both in fiction… because you know, I’m not a physicist, no matter how much I read about worm holes and theory of dimensions beyond the fourth. Today is not the day.

ETA: [ profile] i_smile, have you received anything in the mail yet?! XD.


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