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Re-watching Macross Zero part four. I really love this episode. So very glad that the production people have taken the time to make a character development episode, not that the aerial scenes weren't mouth-watering awesome, or that the culture of the island weren't making my inner-anthropology student squee with glee. It's just that this episode have re-enforced a wonderful fact for me.

Roy Fokker owns.

Yes, he does. Macross Zero will answer so many questions to the Macross/Robotech universe. Yes it will.

On Yukikaze. My reaction to the series is one of curiousity. The designs are pretty and the storyline intriguing enough, but Macross Zero's aerial/action sequences beat the former hands down. Yukikaze's aerial sequences are chunky and really slow in comparison to MZ. I mean really slow. Thus, I'm confused at people's reaction on viewing Yukikaze's aerial sequences as competition to MZ. There is NO comparison. MZ is like a priceless piece of antique while Yukikaze is like new age art. Well, not that bad but close enough.

In addition, while I find the series intriguing I find the main character a bit of a, uh, well a bit of a card board cut-out ^^;; But I'll await for more of this series, 'cos you know I'm sure Rei will develop more of a personality *crosses finger* If not I shall entertain myself by re-watching MZ, and worship the ground that Roy Fokker walks on ^__^

Tenjou Tenge. I NEED more of this series. Right NOW! Oh, how I love my shounen fight series when it is properly animated. The action sequences are soooo smooth, soooo fast, soooo well animated *cries in tears of joy* The opening sequence is a creation of pure genius that I suspect was conjured up from a crack-addled mind. NEED MORE!

Midori No Hibi. I am falling in love with this series. Honest. It shouldn't work. It really should NOT work. Guy waking up with a girl as his right hand shouldn't work. But everything just clicks. It's truly funny, and Seiji and Midori are just damn cute. Beside, Seiji's sister rocks. Really, truly rock. Love! Love!

Avoiding Samurai Seven until I think I'll be able to view it without bursting a vein. It will happen. Eventually.


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