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  • Jul. 25th, 2007 at 10:02 PM
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I missed the great LJ break-down. Yay?

SPN fandom is awesome. [ profile] blue_soaring meets Jared and Jensen, [ profile] stele3 wrote The World's a Small Child in the Dark; the definitive Sam & Dean slash fic for me, and Kripke soothes casting-fears. Why isn’t it October yet?

I bought Kingdom Hearts 2; I really need to find time to play it and the other 5 or 6 games that have accumulated.


  • Oct. 9th, 2006 at 7:50 AM
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Most of the time I appreciate the UN because it is like a sign of humanity's progress. Then my hope get shot down by events such as Rwanda back in the early 90's and what is currently occurring in Darfu Sudan.

Moving on: there's a list of things I want to talk about in more detail, but no time, so short sentences it is (not in any particular order).

+ Kingdom Hearts 1 (the ending is kind of meh.)
+ Hajime no Ippo (still one of my all time favourite anime series; Miyata and Volg in the same room would drown anyone in angst, and everytime I re-watch the series I am reminded of the coolness that is Sendoh.)
+ Suikoden V (the recruitment process is slow and painful.)
+ Final Fantasy 12 (the ending is LOVE! So MUCH love! Fran and Balfear should have hot sex, except I kind of don't want to think of them having sex either....)
+ I am in the painful process of writing a coherent article on JoJo. The coherency is rather lacking but I am coming up with pretty descriptive titles fro each part.

One more thing; who on my flist likes Hajime no Ippo? I need to fangirl so much about this series (I always feel like fangirling about this series after re-watching it. Hmm, I will eventually post my proper fangirl post about the series sometime in the future.)

rl update

  • Oct. 4th, 2006 at 4:54 PM
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I am very sleepy and have been completely swamped by work. Can't actually remember what I'm supposed to be focused on at any given point.

Is currently taking a break from Suikoden V because the actual game-play aspect of it is driving me insane (need something a bit more dynamic). Also, no matter how much Fran and Balfear's arse are the many kinds of mesmerising, I just can't deal with where I’m currently at in FF12. You can only scream in frustration for so many times as you go from one really bad fight straight into a major boss fight with no time to heal and prepare. This is also kind of irritating because I’m really close to finishing the game (possibly another 3-4 hours or so).

So, after taking a 3 year break from KH 1 I think I’m ready to finish the game (I was about 3 hours from finishing the game back then, and for some reason I just lost steam.) Also, I got my arse handed to me by the Platinum Champion in under 5 seconds; this makes me hmm in a rather zen-like manner.

In the past week or so I have written over 40,000+ words in relation to work and university, this is making me want to write a novel about the reaching nirvana through reincarnation in the pure traditional Buddhism sense.

g-defend, GB, aishiteruze baby and KH

  • Dec. 16th, 2004 at 10:00 AM
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[ profile] amei, d00d, you rock. Much love, beer and tissues.

I'm so behind on all my shounen reading (GB is different, one day I might even attempt to explain it but today is not that day). I have come to the realisation, actually I have realised this awhile back but never actually verbalised. Anyways, the realisation: I'm following Naruto not because it is a kick arse story or because I have an urge to see what happens next or even to see how the characters turns out. I'm reading Naruto for the sole purpose of keeping up with good Naruto fanfiction. This says quite a bit about both the series and about myself, neither of which I feel comfortable in thinking to deeply on. (This is to say, I'm a fanfiction whore, and it is sort of sad that K-sensei have this awesome cast of characters and a semi interesting plot, and the only reason I'm following the series is because of fanfiction. No chemistry or at least not enough to keep me interested. In hindsight, the only time Naruto made me really interested was when Orochmaru first appeared, during the fight between Neji and Hinata, and the conclusion of Naruto chasing Sasuke.)

G-Defend is ghei, ghei, ghei, ghei, GHEI!

[ profile] perseid, the series is such brainless fluff, not terribly funny, not terribly heart wrenching (just addictive.) Shame on you. (I need more. More I tell you.)

Need to re-read the rest of Get Backers, the Card arc is still the most amusing. Ban in a CLAMP get up (all flowing robes and bizarre hats) and doing the kissing is an experience worth re-visisting.

Something I forgot to mention. [ profile] nekomancy, you probably would like to know that I sat through ALL 26 episodes of AishiteruZe Baby in a day. It was an experience that should not be repeated. Like all shoujo it is damn addictive, and the dodgy aspects of the series disappeared after the first few episodes (thank the gods). I found myself liking every character though I admit the younger brother is just PERFECT! 'I am the Prince of Darkness' indeed.

On the gaming front: Kingdom Hearts is cool. I continue to kick arse. Either this game is easier than I thought or it is somehow clicking with me on every level possible.

Kingdom Hearts!

  • Dec. 12th, 2004 at 10:14 PM
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Kingdom Hearts is crack. Pure crack. David Boreanaz's voice coming out of Squ- sorry, Leon's mouth is mind bendingly right. I kept on getting the urge to go 'OMG! It is the CAPED Crusader! Angel does NOT need more leather. Squeal! You have LONG hair!'

Disney and FF characters living in the same universe sound painful on paper but is absolutely wonderful in action. LOVE!

Wonderland should be larger, however, I'm terribly pleased that they at least set up the tea party.

CLOUD! Kicked his arse on my first try! Go me. But serisouly, his voice, I, ARGH! I'll probably get use to it but there's just something about Cloud's VA that make me wanna grind my teeth together. Wished that the level of technology had allowed me to make Sora walk up to Cloud and ask for his autograph.

Oh, and Sora is like a little monkey. Bounce, bounce, bounce. The amusement I get from jumping all over the place knows no bound. Yes, easily amused I am.

Beyond the feeling of brain freeze at seeing Goofy and Cid on the same screen, the brain went into full spasms when Winnie graced Sora with his Glorious Pooh Presence. Much spasm.

Have just saved Aladdin from certain death (I'm being reminded of my mad love for the series,) need to sleep.


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