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Being up since 6:30am. Suffering from a slight hangover. Had another beer after the first two without drinking any water. Not a smart move.

Paid bills, did official business, went to the library.

Flipped through the Dictionary of Psychology. Slightly amazed at how much I actually remember, very disturbed by the thickness of the thing. It's probably capable of giving someone a concussion if used as a weapon.

Skimmed through Domu, again. Got volume three of Akira out. I'm currently in awe of Katsuhiro Otomo. The paneling! The paneling! His composition is also damn impressive and amazing. I drool over his ability to do perspectives.

I want to eat his brain.

Also, during my tipsy-ness yesterday I came to the realisation that Sasuke & Naruto is like my/(personal) shounen/(fanon) answer/(cure) to the whole Subaru & Seishirou thing.

This was followed immediately by seeing parallels between Days of our Lives and Naruto, with Sasuke as Malena (she was taken by evil spirit at one point, where her eyes went all funky red), Sakura as the blonde chick who was married to John and then went all obsessive and evil, Lee as Jack... and at that point my brain decided to shut down.

No, I'm not going to explain that in-depth. My brain hurt enough as it is.
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Reading so much manga that my brain is dying. Yes, dying. Nine volumes of MPD Psycho, and 20 or so volumes of Naruto. I hope I have some cool dreams.

Short thoughts on Naruto )

Thoughts on 'MPD Psycho' AKA Oh gods, my brain is melting )

All of this is under the assumption 'I think' hell, I can be completely off the mark. I need to at least re-read it several times to get everything. Also, you know the series is becoming ingrained into your mind when you can actually remember ALL the main characters names.


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