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Joss Whedon speaks out about the torture and murder of Dua Khalil.

I don't talk about the issue of gender equality much, mainly because I think I'm pretty damn lucky, and my guy friends tends to present a pretty convincing case of how feminism have gone too far. But you know - every time I hear about a woman being raped, every time I see a religion/culture punish a woman for being a woman, and every time I turn on the fucking television and it is about sexualising a woman and not returning her the dignity she deserves, I think feminism didn't go far enough.

I don’t understand how anyone would want to punish someone because of their gender, I don’t understand how anyone can think a girl deserves to be tortured and stoned to death, and I don’t understand how someone can have the fucking time to film it but the not the time to stop it.

This hurts - there are days that I honestly hate humanity, and the thought of us nuking ourselves out of existence because of our own stupidity doesn’t sound so bad.


  • Feb. 28th, 2006 at 10:29 AM
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Saw Serenity yesterday, and like my reaction to the Batman Beyond film I think it was overly hyped. However, it was a fun film and I suspect I would have liked it more if I had seen Firefly.

The extra disk on the DVD was really fun though. Joss Whedon is quite funny in person, and obviously very well read and intelligent. It gladdens my heart that when he made the D20 (well, 20-sider)comment (it was in relation to the question of; how do you decide to kill characters from your show?) The audience laughed. Ah, gamers, how you prevail despite society's pathological need to stump you down.


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