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Because telling people just how creepy Suzu becomes by Kurogane is just not enough. People need to be shown to understand the horror.

And one more of Suzu. Beware of teenager wearing military-isque gear and fur )

And no. I will not be posting up more scans (don't want to damage my manga). This is just to show people what I have been raving about. Yes, I am indeed being sadistic.

Nov. 10th, 2003

  • 10:29 PM
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I dub Suzu of Peace Maker Kurogane, goth-boy reborn. If you don't know what I speak of, meaning most of you who haven't read the second series of the manga.


Believe me it will scar you. It'll make you cry, and the creepiness of it all will make you wish for your mummy. And with that I'm off to sleep. For tomorrow is a day filled with Psych study.

Peace Maker anime can kiss my fat arse.

  • Nov. 10th, 2003 at 5:41 PM
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Because I have been ranting, and ranting whenever I actually have time to (that excludes pretty much most of the time that's dedicated to psych, sleep, and eating... uhh, I don't know how I found the time, but I did), even on other people's ljs. It is time for me to blah on my own lj.

So, anyways, onwards. PeaceMaker anime have officially lost my interest. I was all set on preparing to give it a chance, even though I did have reservations, but I thought "hey, they are sticking with the storyline, just because the animation isn't your thing, and you don't like the way they handled certain things, doesn't mean you should diss it, etc., etc."

Well, screw that. PeaceMaker anime and its shiny, shiny, shiny CG, can kiss my fat arse. Ep. 4 sucked. Animation quality seemed to have gone down, plot-line went WTF? and all the little things that was pissing me off about the anime have crystallised.

I HATE the way the anime is going. HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE! Animation style annoys me, the way they handled transfer between comedy to seriousness annoys me, and damn it, I just HATE the anime. And I shouldn't.

I LOVE the manga, I think I might be breathing and living the manga ([ profile] perseid, shut up), to see them screw it up. ARGH!!! I'm not that hard to please, really, but damn it, if anime production company continues to screw up my favourite manga series, I'm gonna go back to my manga and my PS2, and saying goodbye to crap anime. The only thing that's making me happy on the anime front is PoT and Sexy Commando (it makes me laugh, which is more than I can can say about a lots of other stuff).

Fine, Gonzo, I HATE you, and your SHINY CG too!

[EDIT: Yes, I am sufferring from period cramps, yes, I'm sufferring from exam stress, but the bottom line is that I still HATE the anime. So, nyah.]

Jun. 22nd, 2003

  • 7:53 PM
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Gods, I love the freedom. No pressure to study, no pressure to do anything. Its heaven. Having said that, I'm now in the process of making a Peacemaker webpage. It's very white and red. And I've no content whatsoever (except scans and a wallpaper)... so, [ profile] perseid, you still up to ranting about the series? =^^=
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Forgot my mobile yesterday, forgot my glasses and my wallet today. There's something Karma-ish about the whole forgetting thing. It amuses me. The fact I'm pretty much blind without my glasses really amuses me.

Hmm, I think I'm still recovering from Saturday and Sunday. Will get much more needed sleep tonight.

But enough about sleep and such, I went and got Peace Maker 5&6, I've read Peace Maker 5&6. Annnnnd OMG, it ROCK. The series is AWESOME! Souji Okita KICKS major arse! The fight scene, oh WOW, gods, it was just intense and REAL. [ profile] perseid WHERE ARE YOU? I NEED someone to rave with, where are YOU?!

That's it. I'm making a Peace Maker site! [ profile] perseid I hope you're listening, 'cos I'm dragging you and anyone else who likes Peace Maker (and living in Perth) into this. Beware, for I have mission *laughs*

New obsessions

  • May. 30th, 2003 at 8:02 AM
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I've fully discovered the joy that is Get Backers and Peace Maker. I can't decide if I'm extremely grateful or extremely worried about the timing. I suspect a bit of both.

Obsessions provide me with tunnel vision and a one track mind that can shut out practically all things, so, it's a good thing. It help me relax and just squeal in the delight of discovering something wonderful. However, having a report and a presentation due in the first half of next week that have a combined score of 80% for the whole unit is doing wonders for my stress and anxiety levels.

But yes, my new obsessions; Peace Maker is a story of a boy wanting to join the Shinsengumi in order to achieve vengeance against his parents' murderer. It might sound over done, but it isn't, it's amazing! The art is gorgeous, the characters are wonderful and the plot is -intense-. It's sooooo good, fight scenes are short, fast and often you see the aftermath rather than the actual fight, which can be fairly brutal. But, ohhhh, the character develeopment, hell the characters themselves, they come across as real and -not- insane, which can't be said for a lots of the characters that kill for a living in anime/manga. I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE. I must get more.

I also *HEARTS* Get Backers, I can see why people would consider it yaoi-potential fodder. But, damn it, I want authors to concentrate on the sibling/family vibes I keep on getting from Ban and Ginji. Ban is curious, his past is just one big mystery and I WANT to know more about the mystery. And Ginji is just, well, cute puppy dog with a big bite ^^;;; but I do wish that he'd have more 'Amano Ginji; Thunder Emperor' moments, the title just sound cool, and you've got to wonder how the hell he beceme who he was, and I'm so want to see the FIGHT between Ban and Ginji the anime teased the audience with. And, and, and, I want to know just why the two are so close? How long have they being together? And much, much more. And the supporting cast doesn't irritate me, hell, I LOVE them too (Jackal, Kadsuki, Himiko, Sid, Heven, LOVE them) and this include the female cast members, although certain features on Heven's body is just a bit too much.

Sixteen episodes in one night, not bad. Must get MORE. MUST.


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