replaing FF7 and re-reading PoT

  • Jun. 23rd, 2004 at 12:44 AM
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Replaying FF7. Love FF7.

Had forgotten that one of the major themes to the game was of people watching the world pass by, observing the joys and the pains of others, not caring enough to help.

Beside airships, trains seem to be a big thing in FF7 (and 8).

Need sleep. Want to keep on playing. Just reached level 66 of Shinra building (love this part).

Can't wait for Advent Children. Everything in 3D. All the characters, all the places. And please GOD let there by flashback scenes, because yes, I am masochistic enough in wanting to see Aerith's death in FULL 3D glory. I will cry, I will rage, but I will squee with all the emotional force I can.

Now for PoT-manga thoughts (in no particular order). Specifically the Rikkai matches.

1. Jiroh is such a fangirl, the cute-bouncy sort not the stalker-maniac sort (though I might be wrong here).

2. Rikkai is cool. Hands down, no questions asked.

3. Sanada's hat is a hat of dorkiness that is a crime against humanity.

4. Sanda is cool because despite the hat-of-dorkiness the boy put the fear of God into the mass.

5. Inui is KEWL! Bow before Inui!

6. Thank the gods that Renji finally got a better hair cut. Gakuto is not the way to go.

7. Atobe. In the Hyotei uniform. In that pose. Is hot.

8. Niou and Yagyuu's relationship is beyond anything I have seen. Precisely because they are not related.

9. Yukimura is wow.

10. Fuji is a God. That, or the Zen Master of All Zen Masters.

11. Kirihara is a brat prone to demon possession. But a adorable brat.

12. Seigaku & Rikkai has gone beyond the current level of human evolution.

13. I want to see Konomi-sensei do ShounenFight manga! (a proper Samurai drama would be highly appreciated). As [ profile] sesame_seed said, just use the PoT cast. Transpose the characters into the new fighting series, and call it Prince of Blades. I would buy the manga.


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