Badly written fics.

  • Jun. 4th, 2008 at 8:15 AM
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I have been having some minor sleeping issues, and as a result have been reading way too much bad fic. There is something mesmerising about badly written fics with a huge words count that always gets my attention. It is a combination of nitpicking at the ‘internal logic’ of the fic and watching a train wreck waiting to happen.

However, it is always a bad sign when you find yourself at 3am in the morning writing the outline of a cliché TIMETRAVEL fic in a fandom already thriving with BADLY written TIMETRAVEL fic. I forced myself away from the computer. It took way more effort than it should have and went back to counting sheep.

Fandom(s), I need to bleach my brain of the travesty with good fics. Please deliver?
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Look ma, I made more icons.

Stayed up with mum till 4am watching a WuDa series. Spent several hours today making said series' icons... plus FMA icons.

My eyes remind me of that of a panda, and I love my father who brew me coffee as I can't seem to pry myself away from the computer monitor.

I think I'm going to love this two week break.

Oh, and I discovered Mighty Ducks slash. I'm still not sure whether I like it or not. Though it seems I still have some form of a 'eww' reaction. Must investigate more.
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Have come to the conclusion that there should be Resident Evil slash. I want to read a nice Jill and random chick fic, despite looking like PoshSpice, Jill kicks major arse, and she looks really good in leather. Also, Chris and Albert is just one nice tasty combination. I blame it on the homoerotic subtext, and the whole shoving Chris against the wall thing. No, I'm not imagining it, I'm not!

Played more Suikoden, and I'm craving much GREMIO FIC!!! If I can't find a nice fix for my Sukoi-fic-need soon, I shall be forced to write my own flaming-gay-sex Sukoi-fic. Well, actually, I won't (the flaming-gay-sex bit anyway), because I've this horrible habit of trying to keep people in character, and no matter how I wish it so, Viktor and Flik, or any of the other male characters, just aren't making it like rabbits. Damn you brain. I can't even write my own fantasy! Sex fics aside, I just want MORE and GOOD Sukoi fics, preferbly nice long epics. I can dream.

As a side note; am I the only one who think gambling is probably the leading economy in Suikoden?

After much thought (well, much tickling and deep thought) I've come to the disturbing realisation that necrophelia doesn't wig me out as much as it should do. In fact, it might even be considered one of my (deep-deep-dark-dark-and-must-be-really-well-writen) kinks, but I hear you say, "Vampires are alright, and Lestat is cute, and be damned Anne Rice and what she says about Vamps not being able to get it on". Well, yes, but you see, I'm not talking about Vampires...


And now I think I shall go and sink my teeth into 'Sandman', and drink much green tea while awaiting replies on my edited psych proposal.


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