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So yeah, I RABU Haru wo Daite Ita (I have been following it off and on for about 2 years now). And before you jump the gun, it isn't just for the hot gay sex, not that Youka Nitta can't draw Hot Gay Porn, because she can (and does). She really can.

However, considering that the five volumes I read today was in Chinese, and we ALL know that Chinese publication of manga with sex in it gets CENSORED! Hate censorship, they are evil, evil, evil. I didn't get to see any HGP (only kissing, but hot kissing). But that's alright, the story carried me through.

Don't anyone dare snicker. I'll have you know I LOVE the plot to Haru wo Daite Ita. I do, I do, I do. It's so simple but Nitta-sensei pull it off so well. I mean come one, anyone who can write a story about two AV actors falling in love, AND make it work should be admired and worshipped. But I love it to bits.

The interaction between the characters make me very happy, and Iwaki's family's reaction to his uh, career and love life is painful. But oh, I LOVE!

On a less biased note I can see why people might be slightly confused on why I LOVE the series. When you come down to it, the basic themes of the story is the same as every other yaoi/shoune-ai manga, but for various reasons this series click with me. I suspect it has to do with;

1. Nitta's art style. I like her more angular (realistic) character designs, and I love the clean lines (oh, the lines) she use for everything else, and the detail she can do for her buildings... *drool*.

2. Her love of twisting just enough of the yaoi conventions to make me interested. Disregard for certain *coughage/height/positioncough* rules make me happy.

3. The way her characters actually Develop.

4. The fact that the ANGST never become overwhelming and most of the time is dealt with in the issue (or in the next two issues) rather than dragging through 20+ volumes.

5. Despite the fact that it's about two AV actors falling in love, I find it more believable than a lots of the other yaoi out these. Not that it's absolute realism, I mean this is a YAOI manga we are talking about here.

6. And the HGP that she practically manages to draw into every issue. The fact that she can still advance the story, and develop all the characters make me -very- impressed.

And I'm sure there are other reasons as to why I rabu the series, but I can't think of anything at the moment, and I'm starving. Need food.


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