dreams and horror cliches

  • Nov. 21st, 2005 at 12:00 AM
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I had a fairly straight forward dream yesterday about being an author researching a chain of serial killings for their new best selling novel. See, the dream only became interesting when I realised I was a he in the dream and that my name wasYuki Eiri (yes, you can all point and giggle now). And of course, the town I was amassing my research at just had to hold a strong resemblance of parts to Silent Hill and Raccoon City (the alleys deserve a special mention.)

Anyways, like all good cliché horror/zombie/thriller films there was a girl who, I swear, looked like [livejournal.com profile] eirivan, except I wasn’t sure if she was a friend or foe. However, she was a teacher (mixing reality and fiction,) and she did assist me in getting information on one of the victims (one of her student). So, after a bit more of research into the victims, there was unfortunately not even a hint of satanic rituals, though some of the scenes did remind me of MPD Psycho, I (well, Yuuri *winces*) decides to take a walk, in the dark, alone, in an alley.


You can imagine what happens next; I get attacked by someone in a nice isolated alley. There I am; no weapon, no help and being strangled (or maybe was about to be munched on) by someone or something. So, being kind of in pain and frightened, I grab the fountain pen (it is a really nice fountain pen, in fact, I think it looked like the pen [livejournal.com profile] londobell got me for my birthday a few years back,) in my trench-coat (yes, I even dress like Yuki Eiri) and pushes the fountain pen right into my attacker’s eye.

All the way in; was kind of bloody and gory, and I get a good look at my attacker. The guy looked like evangelist; round, tall and wearing a black suit, I’m pretty sure if I had given him a chance to speak he would have spoken with a southern accent. Anyways, I’m in the alley, alone, with a dead guy on the ground who has a pen stuck from his right eye (well, you could only see the tip of the pen; it went all the way in.) Once again I am with no weapon or help (the mobile’s battery was dead), and of course that’s when I hear noises from behind me.

Standing in mouth of the alley was, of course, several zombies, who were making their way slowly toward me. And that’s when I wake up.

Judgement: No more milk before going to sleep.


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