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[ profile] perseid, as promised, the Naruto fic links.
The author who wrote the fic with the presence of the kyuketsuki.
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Naruto - Ripple Effect 21. I think the fic is DONE!

There is no way for me to convey how and what I feel for this fic. It is gen, it is epic, and at it is core it is Team 7; older, stronger and so much more brittle.

If I can ever only read one fanfiction/novel again I would pick Ripple Effect. Go, read.

nartuto recs; ripple effect 20

  • Aug. 31st, 2005 at 1:49 PM
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Naruto - Ripple Effect 20. I'm just going to go to the corner now and cry.

orochimaru and kakashi.

  • Aug. 20th, 2005 at 1:13 PM
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So, that recent quiz popping up on my f-list. You know, the one where fic-authors ask for a couple or a line from any fandom they might know and they'll write a line about the pairing/character. Well, I have been abusing it with: Orochimaru/Kakashi. Layers of skin. Here are the result (mwahahaha):

[ profile] i_smile's attempt: She DENIES me PRON! And offers be beauty. *pouts*

[ profile] rondaview's attempt: And once again I'm denied. Instead I get realism.

[ profile] memlu's attempt: GOAL! Creepy. How it probably goes.

Life is good.

rec me something, rec u something

  • Jun. 30th, 2005 at 9:29 AM
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Rec me something with plot. Both het and slash acceptable. Preferbly epic, minus romance if it can be helped. If it is going to have some form of romance, PLEASE let it not be the be-all-end-all, or at least done in a way that's not "MIAKA! TAMAHOME!"

Fandoms: Anything that I even made a passing comment on. People, this is your chance to pimp and convert. I'm easily swayed.

Two Naruto Recs

Ripple Effect, chapter 17. My gods, I LOVE this chapter. It is, it is, it is! *waves arms around wildly* It takes everything that has been left unsaid, everything that has been implied, and magnified them by a thousand. What Sasuke did during his stay with the Sound (or didn't do), how Sakura is dealing with who she has become (or not become), how Naruto, despite the changes, is still Naruto. And omfg! the CHILDREN! See, this is what the world of 'Naruto' whispers and implies but never says outright. And it is horrifying. Children who grew up in the Village of Sound, taught by Orochimaru, they are weapons, they are ruthless, and my heart breaks when Sasuke puts them in their place (trust me, it turned my blood to ice). It is just, just... if you are ever only going to read one 'Naruto' fanfiction read Ripple Effect. Fics like this is why I continue to read fanfiction. And if you want a sneak peek, the half-chapter of heartfelt confessions. Why are you people NOT reading this?!

Naruto - Butterfly in Reverse. I'm pretty damn sure everyone and their grandmother have rec'd this but hey, I always jump on the band wagon a bit too late anyway. There are so many things about this fic that makes it a truly good piece. It is about Kakashi, a mix of the efficient and the slightly cracked, yet it is more than just Kakashi, it is a little peek into the lives of ANBU and Jounin, and what an amazing look it is. The author have this wonderful ability to pull off the slightly 'wtf?' with brutal honestly. There are lines in this fic that are almost lyrical, and reading this at times feels like a dream. It is a good piece, maybe not solid (in plot) but good. It is just that this is no longer how I percieve Kakashi to be. He's vulnerable in places I never expect him to be, and this isn't a lack of skill so much as a different intepretation. I like this interpretation, it is just that her Kakashi is not mine. But read it, there's a reason as to why this fic have been rec'd be everyone.

Naruto Rec: Chapter 16: Ripple Effect

  • May. 19th, 2005 at 10:16 AM
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Revenge of the Sith out. Avoiding ALL spoilers (I know what happens, but not the how, and that's important.)

To the Naruto fans on my f-list. READ Ripple Effect (Pit's link, which only have up to chapter 14. This Link have 16 chapters) I have rec'd and rec'd this fic over and over, and over again. And I'll continue to rec this until people go and READ it. When I say it is the best fic (so far) that deals with the return of Sasuke I'm not kidding (god knows I have read enough crap fics about his return). Chapter 16 of Ripple Effect. Go, read.

I can't fangirl enough about [ profile] rayemars' writing style. Her plot are rich and detailed, and never feel hurried. You get the distinct feeling that things are always moving. People are complex, Clan politics are realistic, and the consequences of events, of actions are always being dealt with (sometimes not the way one would want, because dammit, UNFAIR, but true.) Love her fight scenes, and absolutely adore the information on the Jutsu.

It makes me want to scream when talented authors are under-appreciated. So, friends, go read Ripple Effect, and appreciate. I have only being reccing it for the past few months.

[EDIT: I have decided. Will keep on reccing 'Ripple Effect' until more people read it. MWAHAHAHABWAHAHAHA.]

[EDIT 2: Screw it. *dives into the Episode 3 reviews*]

[EDIT 3: Something strangely appropriate in humming the Darth Vader tune during MAthematical Economics.]

zombie love story

  • May. 15th, 2005 at 8:35 PM
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To All My Friends:

READ Fluffy Undead Love by [ profile] harukami. It is a LOVE story between Haku and Zabuza of the ZOMBIE kind. A result from [ profile] campfuckudie. Have I said how I love the comm? I love the comm.

"I guess so," Zabuza muttered. He slung his sword over one shoulder. "Well, let's go then. To conquer and eat brainnsnsannfjfjj."


(You have no idea how I needed that after the day I have just had. I need to get back to maths now.)

REC: Ripple Effect

  • Mar. 1st, 2005 at 9:39 PM
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Tired, can't sleep, stomach lining shredding itself, and my bones are hurting. Brittle is the word I would use to describe them at the present time. It is that time of the month. erk.

I come with rec.

Go and read Ripple Effect by [ profile] rayemars, which I kinda recced back a few weeks (months?) ago, but not in the proper way the piece deserve.

So, the summary: It is set three years after Sasuke leaves Konoha. And you'd think 'Hey, I have read this already,' but oh, trust me you haven't read it being told this way. It is about a sane, well adjusted (de-nial is not just a river in Egypt) Sasuke that knows where he is in life, and exactly what he wants in life. Except he is not getting it because there are people who cares. It is about a Naruto who is still Naruto even though the assimilation of the fox and him is not going the way he wants. It is about a Sakura who is what she has meant to be; strong, capable, and willing to go the full nine-yard to save her boys. And beyond the three of them there are the people who's coping with dead comrades, angsty pasts, and the serious contemplation of killing a child to save many.

I love this fic. I want to go on and on about the small (and big) things that make this such a wonderful piece. The Snake that Sasuke summons, the changes in Naruto, the COOLNESS that is Sakura, the Hokage that is Tsunade, and the plan that Sakura has been hatching for the past few chapters that has made me sit at the edge of my seat and bite my nail. 'Cos you know I'm not sure if everyone is going to come out the otherside 100%. But I can deal because this fic make me remember why I love a long, well written fanfiction so damn much.

So, now I'm off to re-read.

Recs: Naruto and Hikaru no Go

  • Jan. 18th, 2005 at 9:22 PM
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Someone rec me some good wallpaper links. As long as it is good, I don't have any preference on series.


There are so many talented people on lj. I'd feel so inadequate if these same talented people weren't providing me with really awesome fics ^__^


[ profile] darkeyedwolf, [ profile] ceresi and [ profile] rayemars write some of the best Naruto fanfics out there. [ profile] darkeyedwolf is writing BELIEVABLE Kakashi/Sasuke fics. I kid you not. In addition, she make me laugh soooooooo hard.

[ profile] rayemars is working on an epic post!Sasuke leaves Konoha piece that's leaving me hyperventilating on the floor 'cos I FEAR for the future of Sasuke and Naruto (you'll need to troll through her lj for the pieces).

And [ profile] ceresi writes some unbelievably haunting pieces that's almost fairytale like (if your fairytale had sewn shut eyes and circus, which is what it is like in touch the parade). All her fics are in the memories section or on [ profile] in_my_notebook. Read Stolen.

Hikaru no Go

Read EVERYTHING by [ profile] issen4. I'll comment on her fics eventually *crosses fingers* as soon as I'm coherent enough to stop fangirling. You can find her HnG fics at her Ficlog under Current Writings. Specifically check out 'Shadows of a Voice' and 'All Strides Lengthen in a Race'.


*crawls to bed to sleep*

fic recs

  • Dec. 9th, 2004 at 9:49 PM
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This post is a collection of fanfic recs from various fandom that I have been meaning to make. Strangely enough they don't just consist of anime/manga. I'm sort of proud.


I have just discovered The Alters! series. It is collection of pic drabbles set post ep 51. The PICS are GORGEOUS WORKS OF ART! GORGEOUS! The drabbles details Ed's travel in 'our' world (Munich, Zeppelins, and Churchill? It is our world). What makes it wonderful is the fact that Ed has a traveling companion, a man named Masuta Ichiro, this world's replica of Roy Mustang. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and Hoenheim's fate made me want to cuddle Ed until that look would go away from his eyes.

The series can be broken into two sections. The first dealing with Ed and Masuta's adventures in 'our' world, the second detailing their adventures once Ed returns to 'his' world. The former is interesting for the glimpses of lives of familiar characters. Lust's role in 'our' world will make you giggle like a school girl, and the single glimpse of Al and Nina will make you smile and at the same time tear up for Ed, and when you find out just who Masuta's parents are *cackles*. People's reactions to Masuta ranges from hilarious to heart breaking. Some of Masuta and Roy interactions can be heart wrenching in a completely understated way while other times you are giggling your head off, 'cos while Roy and Masuta may have similar characteristics they are completely different in other departments.

Just go and READ! READ!

more fic recs )
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You know your brain is mash when you keep on thinking 'clueless' is 'clueness' -_-

On the HAPPY side of things! [ profile] silvaren_fic have UPDATED her Naruto fic. And OMFG! NEJI!!!!!

[ profile] perseid and [ profile] rondaview, go and READ!

fic rec

  • Sep. 1st, 2004 at 8:19 PM
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[ profile] rondaview wrote my fic request. Smash Patterns. Genma and Kakashi and Jounin. When they were young-ish. I HEARTS! I'm reccing it, 'cos it's really, really, really GOOD!


(okies, now I'm going to sleep. so tired)
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The past few days have been so cool, though I'm behind on school work -_-;; People on f-list, LOVE YOU GUYS! Friends in RL, you guys rock. [ profile] nekomancy, your party was awesome and everything I said in the speech was the truth, I love you and you are one of the best friends I have ever had. [ profile] londobell, you are Teh Best BOYFRIEND! On that note, I don't know why exhibitionists have such a negative stigma. PIKA! PIKA! PIKA! ^_^

As for Naruto 228... I FEAR for Kakashi! I FEAR! Kishimoto, don't do this to me. DON'T! It's bad enough that Naruto doesn't understand Sasuke, it's horrible that Sasuke get it but is so completely fucked in the head that he doesn't comprehend, but for Kakashi to walk into this? DON'T DO THIS TO ME!

And [ profile] perseid, fanfic rec: Devosama's Naruto and One Piece fics are worth the read. There's just something so appealing and dead on about her characterisation. I ABSOLUTELY adore Backdrifts and A Murder of One. LOVE! Go and READ!

naruto fic rec

  • Jul. 21st, 2004 at 11:00 AM
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Period pain sucks. Yes, complaining again.

Anyways, here's one fic rec because it isn't often where I'm struck speechless with the sort of horror that give you nightmares. Naruto fic rec.

It's about Neji not feeling pity for a traitor, it's about Sasuke, the Sharingan, and just what is real and what is not, and so much more. Hard to describe except at a certain point in this fic everything you believed to be true may not be the truth, and the last two lines hurt.
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Reccing specific fics... or authors, depending whether I can find the links anymore. I'll be reccing their ljs, so it shouldn't be hard to scroll through their entries to find fics. If that's too hard, go through their memories on lj.

Blade of The Immortal
[ profile] emungere's BoTI yaoi fics make me so happy. Her characterisations are wonderful, her writing style is perfect, and she make me turn green with envy. READ. Her website. (MUST read her manji/magatsu/anotsu threesome fic. MUST!).

Naruto. Not many, because to tell the truth, I haven't been terribly impressed with a lots of new fics.
[ profile] sadeiko. I LOVE her fics. LOVE! LOVE!
Read Shatterbone. It's a 10-yr-old Kakashi killing, and so much more. It's hard to be coherent about this fic when all I want is to do is squeal about this wonderful piece of fanfiction. This fic can BE canon. And that is impressive. READ!
Also, read The Future Place, and its sequel Curiousity. It's set in the future, and it's Neji/Shikamaru, and OMFG! the details that she put in make want to cry in happiness (Neji will forever suffer fromshoulder pains, 'cos you know that hole in his shoulder is a bit of a downer). The sequel is just hilarious, let's just say Neji's genin team are *cough*voyeurs*cough*.

Card Captor Sakura
[ profile] tamchronin. Read EVERYTHING! Every piece of CCS fic she has written. Read. Especially Take Me. It is Clow/Touya/Yue. HAH. Wrap your head around that one. The link I provided is a direct link to chapter 8, the reason I'm doing this is because this chap have all the previous linked chapters.
[ profile] baka_deshi. She's good. Touya, Yue, and Yuki. I like. I really like.
[ profile] peacewish. OMG! The woman pretty much began the whole Yue/Touya thing. I'm soooo happy *cries* Read The Labrynth. Yes, it is a CCS/Labrynth x-over. Yes, I am usually against fusion fics, but it suckered me in with good writing and the promise of uke Touya. I'm so fucking weak. And after you've finished reading this, go and check out her other CCS fics, they are good. Her Syaoran/Sakura fics make me soooo happy.

[ profile] chaosraven. Read Carnival. An Al/Scar fic. OMFG! It's soooo CUTE! (yes, I know how cracked this is, but OMG! I laugh and giggle, and float on the cute!).
[ profile] harukami. Too hard to pick. Read everything she writes.
[ profile] baka_neko. Read all her fics. Her Dark Glass Arc is heartbreaking. But her humour fics are hilarious.
[ profile] ravenwoodiii. Read ALL of her FMA fics. READ!
[ profile] ciceqi. Nice and long fics that make all warm and toasty.

Prince of Tennis
[ profile] tiamatv's Hyoutei fics (specifically ShishiTori) are hilarious, and so wonderful. And Shishido sound perfect. Gruff, strong, yet so caring in his own way. She also has a ficlj at [ profile] sinsofwill.
[ profile] sesame_seed. Indivi/Duality. Niou/Yagyuu. I have no words to describe the awe I have for this piece. None. Speechless. Don't forget to read her other PoT fics.
[ profile] midorinomizu. Ohhh, her Rikkai fics make me giggle madly in glee. And she made me like Sanada/Atobe, which is a feat by itself. Read.
[ profile] tormalyne. More Rikkai fics! Yeah! Good Rikkai fics! contra part 1 [rikkai d1 backstory] is good, and interesting, and I want MORE. Good Yagyuu Hiroshi and Niou Masaharu fics make me so damn impressed.

I have probably left out a lots of authors, but I'm suddenly rather sleepy. So, off I go to bed (that or more IS assignment).

Naruto Gen fic REC!

  • Apr. 15th, 2004 at 5:45 PM
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Transition Anchor by Chelsee is Teh Best Gen Naruto fic I have ever read. This is what the manga can be, this is ALL my dreams for the series coming true. It's war, and the children will have to kill. Kakashi is Teh Cool. Damn, damn, damn.

Chapter 6 makes me want to scream 'HELL YEAH,' because dammit, that's Naruto through and through.

[ profile] perseid, if you haven't read this yet, read it NOW.

Reccing fics and ep 75 of POT

  • Aug. 21st, 2003 at 8:54 PM
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All anime fic recs. Enjoy.

Prince of Tennis

[ profile] jennifier_d's POT fics are wonderful. I love, I love, I love. She can write such a wonderful Fuji; Deuce, Chase and other Fuji fics can be found on her site; Blackfeathers. And while her Fuji is truly amazing I must say I love Captain's Pride and Words the most. The first deals with Tezuka/Atobe, and while Atobe's character is slightly off (just slightly). The premise, the feelings and the words of this fic make me want to breathe in the story and not let go.

There are so many parts I love in this fic but if I have to choose I would choose this;

He was hurt, and like all hurt animals, he simply wanted to curl
in on himself and let the world wash over him like an endless
tide. But he couldn't. His pride demanded that he stand up again.
His vanity made him take care of himself. His ego made him prove
to the others that nothing could take him down. Nothing short of

He was strong.

Now, he wished he was stronger.

The latter fic is Shinji and Ryoma and all of their mutual quirks. It's unbelievably funny and CUTE. She have their characterisation perfect. To give you people an idea of the fic;

Finally, Ryoma, who seemed to have thought of something, started
smirking. "Okay, I will buy the new roll."

"Oh, good. I was going to buy it if you didn't volunteer. Since
you have volunteered, that makes things easier. I don't
understand why you're so reluctant to buy a new roll of grip
tape. It's just grip tape after all..." Pause. "Oh, I know, he
must be trying to trick me into buying the tape so that he won't
have to buy it. Ahh... you're such a pain... You tried to do the
same thing the other time..."

"Mada mada dane."

"...should have known better than to do that. It is not going to
work on me anymore... You are too arrogant. Freshmen are not
supposed to be enjoying life like this. You don't know what
you're asking for. Should have more common sense..."

You get the picture. It's just so funny.

Myth720's fics are good. They are -really- good. I'm stunned by how wonderful they are *jumps up and down* Read 'Predilection first.

Leah Aute's Strange Rooms' only have one chapter out. But it's a long chapter (over 10000 words) and I WANT to know what happens NEXT!

X-parrot's fics are in character. And believe me that is -very- rare in the Saiyuki fandom. Her first Saiyuki fic 'And Miles to Go' is more adventure friven but me thinks her new effort is gonna be angst, angst, angst.

Hikaru no Go
As far as I'm concerned Dracostella's - Jigo is the best Hikago fic. Ever.

K. Huntsman's Hikago fics are beautiful. The firs in her unnamed series His Name, followed by Evanescence and then "Secrets

Ju's fics are a pleasure to read. Often light and fun. And humour can be so hard to get right.

Shimizu Hitomi should write more Hikago fics. Her few Hikago fics make me want to buy her offerings so she'd write more.

Aishuu's fics are good. Although I think there's room for improvement.

Was debating whether to rec HP fics, decided it'd be a waste of time considering most of you have probly already read them by now. Beside the recs should keep you people busy for at least two days.

Moving on. Finally watched ep 75 of POT. What can I say.... TEZUKA, YOU'RE SO COOL!! He's so awesome. Oh wow, he's just unbelievable. And I will -never- snicker at the Tezuka Zone again. Ever. I promise. Cross my heart and all the rest. While I wish they followed the manga in how Tezuka left (and how evil Oishi truly is) I'm -really- happy with episode 75. I *hearts*

Despite my raving about Tezuka he is -not- favourite character in POT. He's not. Really. I guarantee it. Honest. Well, okay, he's climbing the ladder but he's not my favourite character. He's not.... this might be what they call denial.

Now I'm gonna go and get some sleep.

Misc. fic recs

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Realised I have been meaning to rec a few fics for a very long time now, and I kept on forgetting. Well, I have stopped forgetting, and here they are;

Hikaru no Go

Jigo by Dracostella

Love this fic, this is the epitome of HnG fic for me. Love it, love it, love it. Subtle and intricate. It's all the more wonderful as the author actually knows go. It's about Akira after the death of his father, it's about Hikaru maturing, it's about forcing a draw in life. I have read this fic so many times, and it can still make me think.

Detective Conan

Read ALL the Detective Conan fics done by Ysabet, especially 'Second Wind', and it's sequel 'Windfall'. LOVE it, LOVE it. You might want to read 'The Window' and 'The Longest Hour', which are prequels to the above two fics. It'll give you a back story as to why Ran is the way she is now and just how the situation have gotten so, well, interesting and fun. Her fics are funny and plot driven, and while she concentrates on the characters, solving the cases is still important to her stories, 'cos you know that's why Conan's mind is fun.

Wild Adapter

Stay Here With by Timmonsgray. Awesome fic. Kubota and Tokitoh's first meeting and the changes that happen because of it. She captures the characters perfectly. I NEED more of this. I NEED more. While you're there, you might also like to check out all of her 'Wild Adapter' fics ^__^


Sunfreak's Naruto fics are good. They range from the silly to angst. All of it true to the characters. I especially like 'Thrice', no one is reduntant here, and the three young heroes click.


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