Peace Maker anime can kiss my fat arse.

  • Nov. 10th, 2003 at 5:41 PM
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Because I have been ranting, and ranting whenever I actually have time to (that excludes pretty much most of the time that's dedicated to psych, sleep, and eating... uhh, I don't know how I found the time, but I did), even on other people's ljs. It is time for me to blah on my own lj.

So, anyways, onwards. PeaceMaker anime have officially lost my interest. I was all set on preparing to give it a chance, even though I did have reservations, but I thought "hey, they are sticking with the storyline, just because the animation isn't your thing, and you don't like the way they handled certain things, doesn't mean you should diss it, etc., etc."

Well, screw that. PeaceMaker anime and its shiny, shiny, shiny CG, can kiss my fat arse. Ep. 4 sucked. Animation quality seemed to have gone down, plot-line went WTF? and all the little things that was pissing me off about the anime have crystallised.

I HATE the way the anime is going. HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE! Animation style annoys me, the way they handled transfer between comedy to seriousness annoys me, and damn it, I just HATE the anime. And I shouldn't.

I LOVE the manga, I think I might be breathing and living the manga ([ profile] perseid, shut up), to see them screw it up. ARGH!!! I'm not that hard to please, really, but damn it, if anime production company continues to screw up my favourite manga series, I'm gonna go back to my manga and my PS2, and saying goodbye to crap anime. The only thing that's making me happy on the anime front is PoT and Sexy Commando (it makes me laugh, which is more than I can can say about a lots of other stuff).

Fine, Gonzo, I HATE you, and your SHINY CG too!

[EDIT: Yes, I am sufferring from period cramps, yes, I'm sufferring from exam stress, but the bottom line is that I still HATE the anime. So, nyah.]

tsukihime and peacemaker eps 2

  • Oct. 21st, 2003 at 8:10 AM
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Tsukihime is becoming quite interesting. The second episode is gruesome; loss of limbs is never pleasant. Glad to know I was right in respect to the vampires though I didn't expect to see the werewolves, or whatever they are meant to be. Lead chick is actually quite useful and I hope the male lead lives up to my expectations of him, soon.

To those who are currently following the series; watching the prologue to the anime will help greatly in understanding of the whole story. It adds more depth and reveals more about the characters. Mind you, having seen the prologue I find myself much more curious about the series and can feel the beginning of a love of it that rivals my love for Utena.

Of course this is under the condition that the series keep me interested and keep up the quality. Oh, and the main male lead better get more proactive soon. I give him brownie points for actively stabbing bad dude, but if he keep on going into denial about the whole thing I can see myself hating the series. A lot.


Peacemaker second episode is still following the manga storyline. Quality is the same as that of the first episode, and I’m quite surprised they left certain things in. However, my anxiety level over the anime keeps on rising every time I re-watch the released episodes. I’m terrified that the producers are going to screw it up, especially with the emotional side of the story. If they can’t make me sad, and make me cry in about 4/5 episodes time, I’m going to be very put off.

PEACEMAKER seiyuu!!! *mad laugh*

  • Oct. 16th, 2003 at 9:31 AM
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I'm procrastinating from doing development psychology reading. Nyah, nyah.

Was wondering about the seiyuu cast for Peace Maker. So I dug around a bit and well..... Yoshida Toshimaro is voiced by JUNICHI SUWABE!!!!! Yes, Junichi Suwabe as in Atobe Keigo of Prince of Tennis! *screams!!!!!*

[ profile] perseid, try and get your head around that *giggles madly*

This is so cool, somewhere in my little mind this makes perfect sense. I mean perfect sense. Although it's gonna sorta suck when Toshimaro SPOILERSSS ) not that it is good thing but still my liking of him went up quite a few notches now that I know he's voiced by Atobe, I mean Junichi Suwabe.

blah and PeaceMaker anime!!!

  • Oct. 14th, 2003 at 8:32 AM
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I was going to update yesterday, I had this nice long entry about Hajime no Ippo and GTO. There were rants, ravings and much jumping up and down in joy to celebrate the ending of all my psychology essays. Then I received the social psych exam questions, saw my exam timetable, and I went home and crashed.

Now I'm awake and while I don't have the time to rant about Hajime no Ippo and GTO, I can rant about the first ep of Peacemaker Kurogane.

peacemaker anime )


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