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  • Dec. 26th, 2005 at 4:48 PM
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[ profile] code_renegade has completed Monochromatic Whispers. In addition, scroll down to the comments section here for an extra scene, because obviously she loves me.

Yuletide 2005.

There's one Galactic Milieu fic.

There's two Miles Vorkosigan fic. One is approximately 80kb.

[ profile] devikun has written 85 pron.

I'm eating left-over from yesterday's Christmas lunch at [ profile] londobell's, and I'm drinking French Vanilla coffee with a bit of whiskey.

So, despite the onset of the monthly shredding of the stomach lininings I'm feeling really good.

getbackers fic rec, and babble

  • Dec. 24th, 2005 at 11:11 AM
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Go, and read [ profile] incandescens' fanfiction. I recommend Opening The Way, which is a wonderfully plotted Getbackers fic, mind you; I would read anything she write. For that matter, read her Saiyuki and Bleach fanfiction.

So, I have been really behind on fandom, RL tend to suck any kind of enjoyment out of my leisure activities. See my surprise when I'm trying to figure out what has been happening in Getbackers for the past few months. All I can say is; Paul?! What?! Not that I didn't see something but WHAT?! And der Kaiser?! aaskjh;gisjd;kgm;'! Why doesn't my f-list inform me of these things? I'm so terribly confused, really, really confused, yet it somehow makes sense in my mind, and [ profile] incandescens, thank you for writing Unforgiven, sure I can only understand half the implied back-story, but by the gods I'm ridiculously happy.

In short; can someone point me towards the direction of good Getbackers summary of what the hell has been happening, and maybe provide me a chart of who is related to whom, who is currently in the phase of betrayal/death/angst/attempting to recover the past/etc/. Thanks.

P.S. The Gale Emperor is all kind of awesome.

I'm an idiot and 'Saiyuki' fic rec 'E4'

  • Mar. 24th, 2005 at 9:52 AM
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So, I have been wondering for the longest time why some people haven't updated their lj for, oh, the past few months. Then in a moment of epiphany I realised that I didn't put them in any of my lj filters. There are times in my life when it does strike me how stupid I can be *sighs*

[EDIT: And Saiyuki fic rec 'cos if I don't write it down now I'm going to forget. I have just recently discovered [ profile] new_kate and OMFG! I'm in love with her writing style and her ideas *__* I want to rec her piece, E4. Koumyou and Kanzeon. They talk, they plan, they fail, and watch Karma makes itself known.

An extract:

Kanzeon dropped hir divine head on the desk and moaned:

“Frigging free will.”

I need to read her other fics. I just need some more time.]

Reccing fics and ep 75 of POT

  • Aug. 21st, 2003 at 8:54 PM
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All anime fic recs. Enjoy.

Prince of Tennis

[ profile] jennifier_d's POT fics are wonderful. I love, I love, I love. She can write such a wonderful Fuji; Deuce, Chase and other Fuji fics can be found on her site; Blackfeathers. And while her Fuji is truly amazing I must say I love Captain's Pride and Words the most. The first deals with Tezuka/Atobe, and while Atobe's character is slightly off (just slightly). The premise, the feelings and the words of this fic make me want to breathe in the story and not let go.

There are so many parts I love in this fic but if I have to choose I would choose this;

He was hurt, and like all hurt animals, he simply wanted to curl
in on himself and let the world wash over him like an endless
tide. But he couldn't. His pride demanded that he stand up again.
His vanity made him take care of himself. His ego made him prove
to the others that nothing could take him down. Nothing short of

He was strong.

Now, he wished he was stronger.

The latter fic is Shinji and Ryoma and all of their mutual quirks. It's unbelievably funny and CUTE. She have their characterisation perfect. To give you people an idea of the fic;

Finally, Ryoma, who seemed to have thought of something, started
smirking. "Okay, I will buy the new roll."

"Oh, good. I was going to buy it if you didn't volunteer. Since
you have volunteered, that makes things easier. I don't
understand why you're so reluctant to buy a new roll of grip
tape. It's just grip tape after all..." Pause. "Oh, I know, he
must be trying to trick me into buying the tape so that he won't
have to buy it. Ahh... you're such a pain... You tried to do the
same thing the other time..."

"Mada mada dane."

"...should have known better than to do that. It is not going to
work on me anymore... You are too arrogant. Freshmen are not
supposed to be enjoying life like this. You don't know what
you're asking for. Should have more common sense..."

You get the picture. It's just so funny.

Myth720's fics are good. They are -really- good. I'm stunned by how wonderful they are *jumps up and down* Read 'Predilection first.

Leah Aute's Strange Rooms' only have one chapter out. But it's a long chapter (over 10000 words) and I WANT to know what happens NEXT!

X-parrot's fics are in character. And believe me that is -very- rare in the Saiyuki fandom. Her first Saiyuki fic 'And Miles to Go' is more adventure friven but me thinks her new effort is gonna be angst, angst, angst.

Hikaru no Go
As far as I'm concerned Dracostella's - Jigo is the best Hikago fic. Ever.

K. Huntsman's Hikago fics are beautiful. The firs in her unnamed series His Name, followed by Evanescence and then "Secrets

Ju's fics are a pleasure to read. Often light and fun. And humour can be so hard to get right.

Shimizu Hitomi should write more Hikago fics. Her few Hikago fics make me want to buy her offerings so she'd write more.

Aishuu's fics are good. Although I think there's room for improvement.

Was debating whether to rec HP fics, decided it'd be a waste of time considering most of you have probly already read them by now. Beside the recs should keep you people busy for at least two days.

Moving on. Finally watched ep 75 of POT. What can I say.... TEZUKA, YOU'RE SO COOL!! He's so awesome. Oh wow, he's just unbelievable. And I will -never- snicker at the Tezuka Zone again. Ever. I promise. Cross my heart and all the rest. While I wish they followed the manga in how Tezuka left (and how evil Oishi truly is) I'm -really- happy with episode 75. I *hearts*

Despite my raving about Tezuka he is -not- favourite character in POT. He's not. Really. I guarantee it. Honest. Well, okay, he's climbing the ladder but he's not my favourite character. He's not.... this might be what they call denial.

Now I'm gonna go and get some sleep.


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