Random anime thought, and thought process

  • Sep. 10th, 2005 at 11:36 PM
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Eyeshield 21 continues to be love. I adore every character on that show. Oh, sports anime how you make me so happy.

I’m finding the Bleach anime to be spotty at times. I do like it… I just feel that certain episodes can be shortened. Yes, it has taken me over 30 episodes to figure this out.

Kamichu is cute. I find the god who lives in the shrine kind of hot. It is his character design.

The Tsubasa anime series; still painful, however, in all the anger/pain/frustration I was feeling towards the anime I did come up with a new name for the series; Narcoleptic Princess. I like it.

In addition, something that give you an idea of my general thought process; I see the number ‘108’ anywhere, and I go SUIKODEN! GREMIO! NOOOOOOO! Leon SILVERNERG, you BASTARD! NOOOOO!

… I’m not kidding here.

five minutes anime review

  • May. 15th, 2005 at 12:19 PM
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Bleach anime: Rabu. Fast paced. Yay. Though I there's something so much more powerful in the stark black and white of the manga. I'm talking of Zengetsu and Ichigo's first meeting. The screwed up perspective is just so much powerful when it was all black and white.

Tsubasa anime. You know there's something wrong when the music to an anime overpowers the actual story. In addition, the music (to me) seems to be quite jarring. Trying to enjoy the series is damn hard when the music drives me up the wall. This of course can also mean that the anime is rather bland, which I have to say is quite true (though I did squee when Touya appeared, and went slightly spastic when ASHURA was shown.) Oh, and the seiyuu confuses me mainly because I keep on expecting someone else to be speaking from Sakura, Syaoran, and Yukito (love Touya).

Trinity Blood. My honest opinion: Equilibrium meets Hellsing meets Trigun. Hellsing because of the vampires and the main Hero's power up (40% power level, etc.) kick your normal vampire arse). Equilibrium because d00d! Tres is so doing the GunKata (and omfg! I fangirl over Tres, it is his damn character design and his guns). Trigun because of the alien/space ship/mad-psycho relative (probable relative I'm guessing here), and how our main hero might be one of the space travelers. So, in conclusion I need more of this series before I can make a proper judgment on it.

Back to maths.

[EDIT: No wonder the music to 'Tsubasa' irritate me. It is done by the same people who did the music to Hack Sign. Urk, hated the series and music with a passion. Techno is NOT suitable for 'Tsubasa'.]


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