• Apr. 3rd, 2008 at 10:04 AM
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I have finally managed to watch the Supernatural LA convention vids and pics. And OMFG! I LOVE KRIPKE with an unholy amount of glee! The man loves his work and wants to produce a show that he, the crew and the fans can be happy with, except we (fans) are never happy. It is OK Kripke, we are all insane, and despite our bitching we still LOVE the show with the passion of thousands burning suns.

A few highlights that made me squee.

Kripke want to do a SPN crossover with the comic series Hellblazer, yes, we are talking about John Constantine here, the British version. OMFG! I'm ridiculously happy about this. Give the man the BUDGET and the COPYRIGHT! DAMN YOU CORPORATE-PEOPLE! JOHN CONSTANTINE AND THE WINCHESTERS IN THE SAME FRAME WOULD COMPLETE ME!

Lilith is the Lilith. YES! YES! YES!

He wants to do an episode about John and Mary during their teenager years. The thought of it makes me want to CRY! TEARS OF JOY! YES!

The reason it took John so long to figure out that it was the YED who had killed Mary was because right after Mary's death the YED disappeared. The YED appeared in a cyclical manner; every 22 years. There should be a published book, like a compendium to fill out all the blanks that the show leaves out. I WOULD BUY THIS!

He has a five year plan for the show and would like to end the series on a high note. This, I WHOLLY AGREE WITH! The amount of times that a show went shit because it had nothing left to say make me sad. The worst thing that can happen to SPN is if it ends on a whimper, all the fans left bitter and angry, all shows has an use-by-date and I hope Kripke doesn’t make the show any longer than it needs to be, good stories knows when to end.


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