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In between doing maths I've began to read Suik04 walthroughs -_-; So, having finished the game, and taking things into perspective, I have to say I enjoy Suikoden 4 much more than I did Suikoden 3 and Suik02. Not saying Suik04 is the better game because it lacks certain things that the previous Suik0 games had; scale, and overly-political plots. But what Suik04 does have, over the other Suik0 games, is the sheer playability of the game. It is fast and fun! I have to admit both Suikoden 2 & 3 took me much longer to finish because at times, to me, it dragged, and as soon as things begin to drag in a game I tend to lose interest. The only reason it took me less than a month to finish suiko2 was because I wanted McDohl, and it wasn't until at least chapter two (with all three characters) in Suik03 that I really got interested (probably why it took so bloody long to finish the game).

I do adore the plot in the Suik0 games but I had always felt that the game-play aspects of the Suikoden series was lacking. So, Suik04 make a happy, happy, happy gamer. And honestly, I really can't even complain about anything in the game anymore because I enjoy so much of it. I have heard Suik04 being described as one big side-quest, but d00d! This side quest make me damn happy, and the things that gets revealed is damn fascinating.

[ profile] worldserpent, I need you to play this. I need to bounce ideas of you, and since you haven't played it yet I can't get all bubbly and start pelting pet theories at you. In many ways, the actions and the motivations of the characters in Suik04 are much more personal. I don't know what to think of Cray, his character design have the honour of freaking me out on several levels, and his EnglishVA does a wonderful job of mkaing him sound both sophiscated and rough at the same time. It is hard to describe (omfg! I like an English dub!)

In addition, Elenor Silverberg is truly awesome, and the Hero and Lino?! That was so left field I was like o_0
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Suikoden 1 in relation to plot coherency and characters kick Suikoden 2's arse. McDohl Rulez, and while Riou is cute in a squishy toy way he is nonetheless rather boring. Though number two did have MORE Leon, and Shu, and the COOK OFFS! Suikoden 2 is still a good game just not as good as one because the plot still does not make sense to me, and while I like Jowy the way he did things is still incomprehensible to me. Suikoden 3 made me happy 'cos Geddeo is awesome and I want to be Chris, the plot was damn awesome (COHERENCY) and there are MORE Silverbergs. Though Hugo's chapters were a bit boring (LOTS!). So, ranking.

1. Suikoden 1!!! McDohl!!!!
2. Suikoden 3 (to be fair, game play wise Suikoden 3 is superior to One, BUT Suikoden 1 has McDohl! A Flik that was a Punk, a Thief Viktor, Odessa, Mathiu, and Kalekka!)
3. Suikoden 2 (it had a lots of good things going for it BUT the weak motivations or at least the lack of logical planning, and the lack of a strong lead made this game playable but NOT great.)

As for Suikoden IV... haven't played it and will NOT let anyone sway my decision until I play it.

More beer then sleep.
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Played so much Suikoden 3 that I'm suffering a burn out from the game. I sort of said 'fuck it' after being told I had to split my players into four teams, and I have to use Thomas and Cecile. I can't use them, they are STILL level 1 nobodiees. And dammit I'm so close to finishing, but my mind just can't handle any more S3 for the moment.

Overall, Suikoden 3 is a good game, I enjoy certain aspects of this game much more that S2. Skill points is a wonderful addition to the gameplay, the Trinity system is interesting, though I wish in chapter 4 and 5 the game allowed you to access ALL the characters. My dream team consist of Hugo, Geddoe, Chris, Vikki, Fubar, and Aila, and the bloody game just didn't give me a chance. ARGH!!!!

However, having your three main characters as True Rune holders is the best experience ^_^ Chris and Geddoe are Teh KEWL, their chapters are much more fascinating and fun to play than Hugo's (which bored me to tears).

Now the random. Luc is ANGST monkey. OMFG! I mean little prat from the first two games is AngstMonkey Villain. Sure, I have been spoiled but it doesn't prepare you to actually see Luc, and have him be all 'woe me'. And I almost screeched when Luc said to Hugo 'I once gave my soul and destiny to a man with your eyes and heart.' OMFG!!!! If that wasn't a throwback to McDohl I don't know what is. (yes, I know it can mean Riou, but dammit this is my lj, and I -am- deluded enough to ignore S2. Beside, McDohl was first!). Seriously, I feel for Luc, but he should've known better, fighting for your own freedom, fighting fate is never easy, and to do it in such a selfish manner... McDohl, Riou and Hugo didn't fight for themselves, they fought for those they loved.

Anyways, moving on, Edge scares me. The boy is obviously the hybrid of Viktor and Flik, but by god, who the hell dress him? He's like a rent-boy wanna be. But the Star Dragon Sword still kick so much arse ^_^

And Futch is BUFF! I think this simple discovery was more mind boggling than anything else.

Okay, random things aside I'm gonna get all semi-meta for a bit. So, in this game more than any of the previous Suikoden games the writers tell us in explicit detail that being a true rune bearer suck. You watch the people you care about die, and your fate is never your own. The previous FC, Jimba and Geddoe were all tied together by their mutual burden and responsibility to the Grasslands, but FC took the other way out. He'd rather die with the woman he loves than live a long life, living for a higher purpose. Personally, I applaud for what he did, but I get the uneasy feeling that it's 'not' the right thing to do. Afterall, FC paid for it by having a shorter lifespan, the backlash of removing the True Rune. Mind you, Suikoden, as a series never surgar-coated the concepts of sacrifice, and the price that people must pay.

Hugo, Chris Geddoe and the previous True Rune bearers are 'heroes' because they sacrifices their own happiness for the greater good, they stuck around even after the end of the battle. That's the 'heroic' thing to do, except McDohl in S1 didn't stick around (no matter which ending you got). McDohl packed his bags and left. Rebuilding of the empire, ruling, all of it, he left behind. In S2, Riou's endings were a bit different, in one he killed his best friend and stuck around to rule, in the other he left with his best friend and his sister to live happily ever after. But S3 seem to hammer it in that to be a hero you have to be responsible, you have to stick around for the long haul, I'm not saying that's bad, I'm just trying to figure something out in my own mind. Is it wrong to have done what is needed and leave? Or do you have to stay and protect a land and its people until you die?

Hmm. Argh! I give up.


  • Jan. 31st, 2004 at 10:28 PM
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A thought. If the Star Dragon Sword (Zodiac Sword) is a True Rune, and if it did indeed choose Viktor as it's bearer.... does it mean that Viktor like the rest of the True Rune Bearers is immortal?

... NOOOOOOOO! Don't separate the FLIKTOR!

But before the hysteria; does Trune Runes provide immortality? Afterall there has been no mortal True Rune bearers... although Riou and Jowy's postions are a bit unique. Would the two die of old age as a result of their runes being halfs of the same True Rune? I need confirmation here.


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