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Disclaimer. The following is from [ profile] baka_neko and should not be mistaken for anyone else.

I want to eat her brain. That, or get some of that crack she's on.

...He's got the hair for it, except it would need Okita to sneak in his bedroom late at night after drugging his tea and dying his hair pink. Though Suzu, being skinnier, would only require a wig and a padded bra to play Utena on LSD. But Hijikata does have a must-protect-Okita kind of complex.

Other even more cracked speculations: Okita as THE BRIDE. If you took roses out of the equation, he could play the gay version of Kill Bill quite well, methinks. Invert gender of practically every character in the movie (except for nameless flunkies, nobody cares what their names are, much less their gender) and you could have a...well, you could have Kill Bill with a gay cast instead of a lesbian one.

Actually, I was thinking that if the Shinsengumi boys ever went into kabuki, Okita would have fun camping around as an onnagata, since wimmen weren't allowed onstage.

And she's indeed right. There was indeed sub-text of lesbian relationships in Kill Bill. *snicker*

cracked: casting, casting

  • Nov. 12th, 2003 at 3:00 PM
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Okita = Anthy (Rose Bride... I'm a bit weary of this one)
Hijitaka = Utena (he bring flowers)
Suzu = Akio (MAN-SLUT!! pikapika)

Blame the [ profile] baka_neko.

Come and contribute.

(and [ profile] perseid, who would be your perfect toy-boy?)
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Magical-Goth-Peacemaker Suzu! And his Masked Minion! Together, they plot crime!

Blame [ profile] baka_neko. This is ALL her fault.

And I was explaining the Akio/Suzu similarity thing today to [ profile] perseid as well. See, this just proves great minds think alike.

Okies. Going back to study now.

(still stressed, and have gotten to the physically ill point. Wheeeeeeeee).

Nov. 10th, 2003

  • 10:29 PM
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I dub Suzu of Peace Maker Kurogane, goth-boy reborn. If you don't know what I speak of, meaning most of you who haven't read the second series of the manga.


Believe me it will scar you. It'll make you cry, and the creepiness of it all will make you wish for your mummy. And with that I'm off to sleep. For tomorrow is a day filled with Psych study.


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