Tsubasa fic rec & ETA: New Saiyuki thing

  • Nov. 1st, 2005 at 8:15 AM
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I spent Halloween night sleeping! 9:00 pm bed time! I feel so well rested and happy!

READ! [livejournal.com profile] pengiesama's A Very Tsubasa Halloween

OMFG! I have not laughed this hard over fic in a very long time. With an overall heading of:


Constant vigilance is the first key to survival.

Keeping it in your pants is the second.

And other headings such as:

VI. Whether you live or die, you'll always be back for the sequel if you have a big enough fanbase.

And the Teams! Team Woofy Kitty Bow Meow Biscuit make me snort caffine.

Oh, and don't forget to look at the pictures! *giggles*

ETA: I admit I'm extremely out of touch with the Saiyuki fandom in the sense that I have no idea (on the details) of what has been happening since volume 9 of the series. However, I do read the odd spoilers and way too many fanfiction based on Saiyuki. So, um, realise the following is made without the new context. Latest issue with the conversation between Hakkai and Gojyo: Really Not That Surprising. After all, Hakkai is the man who killed 1,000 (or was that 10,000?) youkai with his bear hands. That kind of single mindedness, that kind of ruthlessness and that kind of drive usually leaves one a little bit fucked up. Though I stand by the fact that I never questioned Hakkai's hold on sanity, ever (and that's a whole essay about the concept of sanity, and just how sane Hakkai is.) Also, really good timing, with the whole Halloween thing *smiles*

..........uhh, random

  • Mar. 31st, 2004 at 8:23 AM
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Made a batch of FMA icons yesterday as I was typing up notes for Legal Framework. Figures that over half of the icons are Hughes oriented. I'm dealing before I see ep. 25 even if I have seen the screen-caps. Seeing still shots of the ep is just not the same as hearing the characters' voices, and seeing them move. Will more than likely post them up sometime tonight, just so I can take a break from the accounting.

Otherwise, I have hope for my Accounting midterm. Yes, I have hope, stayed up till 4am in the morning trying to figure out one question. The upside of this is that I can apply the formula to this type of question blind folded, and one arm tied behind my back. I also -know- we are going to be tested on this, I just know it. If we are not I can always hope that it'll be in the end-of-the-semester exam. The downside of all of this is that I'm really tired.

Oh, and have began the process of re-reading Saiyuki. This can only lead to pain.

saiyuki... i thought I was over it.

  • Mar. 29th, 2004 at 11:40 AM
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I really thought I was over 'Saiyuki,' somewhere between volume five and eight I lost a huge dose of interest in the series even with the amazing volume nine. Now, almost a year later, I can feel my interest in the series rising. A lot.

In fact, I can feel myself getting into full rant mode on the characterisation of Hakkai, the interactions of our heroes, and the theme of 'Fighting for Oneself,' even in the presence of mass denial. This, can only get messy.

But none of this will be done until I've finished my law and accounting mid-terms. Which really suck, as I suspect this is my way of procrastination, and once the exams are over I'll probably have lost the urge to rant. Nyar.


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