Scrapped Princess

  • Jul. 9th, 2004 at 11:40 AM
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Watched all of Scrapped Princess. Still trying to absorb all the things that happened in the series. There's something so terribly painful and sad about the series despite the supposedly happy ending. You can't help but like and truly feel for Pacifica, however, it's hard to forgive her for forgetting.

Yes, I'm talking about Fulle, and the Queen. I have major issues with characters that does the amnesia thing. It always feels like the coward's way out. Forgetting people, places, and all the things that mattered, it is unfair to those memories. Let's just say my reaction to Fulle and the Queen's fate, as well as Pacifica not being able to remember them were less than impressed.

The Peacemakers are damn interesting. Cz's spiel on humanity and the Peacemaker's reasoning are logical, and seeing it from their persepective, is right. Not saying I'm all for them hitting the re-set button -_-;;; But it's hard to argue when put against so much evidence of humanity at its worst.

I really like the Cathulle siblings. The interaction between the three is just perfect, and you can honestly say they love each other. Love Shannon, who wouldn't love the boy, Raquel is such a, such a calm person (and really manipulative), and Pacifica is nothing more than a girl who just happened to be the 'Scrapped Princes'.

But I'm still can't forgive her for forgetting. You do not need to to forget to move on.

I didn't mind the ending. The series ended the way it developed. Ambiguous and not always happy. Because even Pacifica's decision at the end may not have been the right one. Oh yeah, love the title 'Providence Breaker'.

Will probably rant some more about the series. I just need to re-think a few things.


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