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  • Apr. 16th, 2009 at 11:57 AM
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I appear to be suffering from some DNS problem in regards to accessing lj in any way, shape or form while at work. So, dw it is!

In regards to the dw account, I’m unsure of the reasons but I’m far more comfortable here than I am at IJ or, um, or whatever the other journal platform was called. Maybe it is because it is so similar to lj, or maybe it is because the invite only aspect makes me feel like I’m joining a blogging platform filled with old friends and like-minded individual! I suspect it is the latter.

This post by [personal profile] charmian made me think about what type of fan-activities or literary activities I like to (or would) participate in. It is a sad thing to say, but I prefer activities that allow me the opportunity to rant or express my opinions in the most succinct matter, and then moving onto a new topic. Perhaps this is why I find myself not being able to contribute in book-reading/review comms. The problem with reviews is that it is a static opinion/view made by other people that I either agree with or disagree, and for me, doesn’t seem to invite an opinion or an open discussion. I’m not explaining myself clearly, but I find reviews by its very nature to be rigid and uninviting. Free flowing discussions and/or links with an overarching them engage me much more. Or at the very least keeps me entertained.

Also, seinen manga - Until Death Do Us Apart makes me squee in glee.


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